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Tuesday, November 30, 2021
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Ancient Mysteries

Mummies of Egyptian high priests unearthed

2-1-2020 | 4

A huge burial ground filled with mummies and shabti figurines has been discovered at a site south of Cairo.


Priests burn Harry Potter books in Poland

4-2-2019 | 51

An evangelical group has taken to burning J.K Rowling's novels because it considers them 'sacrilegious'.

Modern Mysteries

$42,000 found stuffed in priest's confessional

6-11-2018 | 7

The huge sum of money had been left by an anonymous benefactor in the confessional of a church in Rome.

Modern Mysteries

Scans unveil secret room in Coughton Court

1-29-2017 | 10

A secretive 'priest hole' in an English Tudor mansion has been tied to the infamous 'Gunpowder Plot'.

Natural World

Killer monkeys drop bricks on priest in India

12-3-2015 | 31

At least three people are thought to have been killed recently by monkeys in India's Nolanda district.


Sainthood bid for priest aboard the Titanic

4-13-2015 | 40

Father Thomas Byles went down with the doomed vessel after twice refusing to leave on a lifeboat.


'Angel' priest appears at accident scene

8-10-2013 | 90

A mysterious priest that turned up at the scene of an accident in Missouri is being hailed as an 'angel'.

Metaphysics & Psychology

Did 16th-century priest have 'superpowers' ?

9-13-2012 | 32

Catholic priest Pedro Ruiz Calderón was put on trial in Mexico City for practicing black magic.


Exorcism magazine launches in Poland

9-12-2012 | 21

Exorcisms have become so common in Poland that Catholic priests have launched their own magazine.


Philippine priest in battle with demons

4-15-2011 | 54

Father Jose Francisco Syquia speaks out about his efforts to exorcise people possessed by demons.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Family capture ghost on home video

 VIDEO  3-29-2011 | 108

A young family being terrorised by a poltergeist have been advised by a priest to wear crucifixes.

Ancient Mysteries

Egyptian priests lived on junk food diet

2-26-2010 | 7

Examinations of Egyptian priest mummies have revealed that many died from a diet of artery-clogging fatty foods.


Pope tells priests to make use of modern technologies

1-24-2010 | 8

Pope Benedict has told priests that they need to learn and make use of new technologies to spread the gospel message.

Ancient Mysteries

"Jesus-era" burial shroud found

12-17-2009 | 2

A burial shroud from the time of Jesus has been found in a tomb in Jerusalem. The man wrapped in the shroud is believed ...

Ancient Mysteries

Ancient mummified priestess exposed

2-14-2009 | 0

Using a hospital scanner scientists have been able to peer inside the coffin of ancient Egyptian priestess Meresamun, gi...

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