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Archaeology & History

Ancient structure near Prague is older than Stonehenge and the pyramids

9-23-2022 | 3

Archaeologists believe that the mysterious structure was built around 7,000 years ago.

Archaeology & History

Egypt's pyramid builders utilized annual floods, study claims

8-31-2022 | 1

Recent research has cast new light on how the ancient Egyptians might have constructed the pyramids of Giza.


Why do we see 'doors', 'pyramids' and 'faces' on Mars?

5-28-2022 | 25

Images of anomalous objects on the Red Planet have been doing the rounds for years, but none of them are quite what they seem.


Mammoths still roamed the Earth when Egypt's pyramids were being built

10-30-2021 | 5

A new study has shown that some Ice Age mammals survived much longer than previously thought.

Archaeology & History

Newton's 'heretical' notes on the apocalypse

12-12-2020 | 3

Celebrated physicist Sir Isaac Newton had a keen interest in alchemy, the pyramids and the end of days.

Archaeology & History

'Aliens built the pyramids', Tweets Elon Musk

8-4-2020 | 223

The SpaceX CEO sparked controversy and debate recently after posting up a rather unusual Tweet.

Archaeology & History

Are there ancient pyramids in Antarctica ?

 VIDEO  6-7-2020 | 162

For years, some have speculated that pyramid-shaped formations in Antarctica could be man-made structures.

Modern Mysteries

Why was Tesla obsessed with the pyramids ?

12-30-2019 | 5

Inventor and scientist Nikola Tesla had more than a passing interest in Egypt's archaeological wonders.


Mammoths survived until just 4,000 years ago

10-10-2019 | 20

A population of woolly mammoths still roamed the Earth at the time the Egyptian pyramids were being built.

Archaeology & History

Egypt opens unusual 'bent' pyramid to visitors

7-14-2019 | 4

The 4,600-year-old structure is thought to mark the transition between smooth and step-sided pyramids.

Archaeology & History

4,500-year-old cemetery unearthed in Egypt

 VIDEO  5-6-2019 | 0

An ancient cemetery containing at least two sarcophagi has been discovered southeast of the Giza Pyramids.

Science & Technology

Firm wants to build city of floating pyramids

 VIDEO  5-20-2018 | 5

Italian architecture firm Lazzarini Design Studio is looking to construct entire neighborhoods that float in the ocean.

Archaeology & History

Vast Mayan city found in Guatemalan jungle

2-3-2018 | 9

A major new discovery has revealed tens of thousands of hidden pyramids, houses, defence works and more.

World of the Bizarre

World's tallest man meets shortest woman

 VIDEO  1-30-2018 | 6

Giant Sultan Kosen from Turkey was pictured with tiny Jyoti Amge from India in front of the Pyramids this week.

Archaeology & History

Pyramid construction mystery has been solved

 VIDEO  9-24-2017 | 32

New evidence has shed light on exactly how huge stone blocks were transported to the site of the pyramids.

Archaeology & History

Hunt is on for hidden 'recess' in Great Pyramid

8-6-2017 | 1560

Scientists working on the ScanPyramids project believe that the Khufu Pyramid contains secret chambers.

Modern Mysteries

Half-buried 'pyramids' spotted in Antarctica

11-28-2016 | 26

An eagle-eyed Internet user has spotted some peculiar pyramid-shaped structures on Google Earth.

Archaeology & History

New scans reveal ancient 'pyramids' in Poland

 VIDEO  3-22-2016 | 6

A megalithic site featuring ancient tombs even older than Egypt's pyramids has been found in Poland.

Archaeology & History

Experts to conduct new scans of the pyramids

10-29-2015 | 104

An international team is planning to use modern scanning technologies to seek out hidden chambers.

Archaeology & History

16 pyramids discovered in Sudan cemetery

9-17-2015 | 5

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of more than a dozen small pyramids near the town of Gematon.

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