Tuesday, March 21, 2023
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Archaeology & History

The Black Death may not have been spread by rats, study claims

1-18-2023 | 0

Researchers Samuel Cohn and Philip Slavin have called into question the role rats played in spreading the plague.

World of the Bizarre

Drugged-up rats blamed for eating police evidence in India

11-27-2022 | 4

According to reports, around 200kg of seized cannabis has been eaten by rats in police stations across Uttar Pradesh.

Science & Technology

Scientists have spliced human brain tissue into the brains of rats

 VIDEO  10-12-2022 | 20

It might sound like an experiment worthy of Frankenstein, but we won't have to worry about 'rat men' anytime soon.

Nature & Environment

Britain braces for invasion of 'ultra-rats' the size of rabbits

9-15-2022 | 12

Experts have warned that giant rats could be invading people's homes and gardens within a matter of weeks.

Nature & Environment

'Rat king' discovered by farmer in Russia

 VIDEO  9-22-2021 | 6

The unusual phenomenon happens when a group of rats get their tails hopelessly tangled together.

World of the Bizarre

New York man falls into sinkhole full of rats

10-30-2020 | 9

A man who had been waiting for a bus was unaware of the nightmare scenario he was about to experience.

Nature & Environment

It's official - cats are rubbish at catching rats

9-30-2018 | 12

A new study has cast doubt on the practice of releasing cats in to cities to help curb rat populations.

Nature & Environment

Australian islands closed due to rat invasion

5-28-2018 | 4

Up to a dozen islands off the far north coast of Queensland have now been closed to the public.

Science & Technology

Government study finds cellphone-cancer link

5-27-2016 | 63

The findings suggest that exposure to cellphone radiation may cause brain and heart cancers in rats.


Scientists discover fossils of dog-sized rats

11-8-2015 | 20

Today's rats might be getting bigger but they can't possibly compare to this ancient species of rodent.

Modern Mysteries

Were gerbils responsible for the plague ?

2-24-2015 | 23

Scientists believe that rats may not have been responsible for the Black Death in Europe after all.

World of the Bizarre

20,000 rats roam India's Karni Mata Temple

2-26-2014 | 19

An unusual temple in Rajasthan, India is home to several thousand rats that roam freely around its halls.

Nature & Environment

Rats could evolve to be as big as sheep

2-4-2014 | 28

The extinction of several large mammal species could pave the way for super-sized rats.

Modern Mysteries

'Cannibal rats' infest enigmatic ghost ship

1-28-2014 | 64

UK authorities are on the look out for an infamous ghost ship that is said to be crawling with rats.

World of the Bizarre

Dutch police use rats in crime investigations

9-18-2013 | 10

Specially trained rodents are proving to be a cheap and effective alternative to traditional lab work.

Science & Technology

Lab-grown kidneys transplanted in to rats

 VIDEO  4-15-2013 | 8

Scientists have succeeded in transplanting a working rat kidney that was grown in a laboratory.

World of the Bizarre

Snipers deployed to tackle giant mutant rats

3-5-2013 | 57

Gigantic rats have been plaguing Iran's capital Tehran after being exposed to radiation and chemicals.

Science & Technology

First ever brain-to-brain interface created

3-1-2013 | 26

Scientists have linked the brains of two rats so that they can communicate via an electronic link.

Science & Technology

Could whiskers help the blind to see ?

11-6-2012 | 6

Rats use their whiskers to help sense the world around them - could the same thing work for humans ?

Nature & Environment

Giant cat-sized rats invade Florida Keys

3-31-2012 | 24

Authorities have been alerted of a new invasion of giant Gambian puched rats in the Florida Keys.

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