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130 million-year-old 'sea monster' found

12-9-2013 | 16

Palaeontologists have uncovered the remains of a huge prehistoric predatory marine reptile.

World of the Bizarre

Man discovers 8ft crocodile under his bed

9-19-2013 | 22

Guy Whittall managed to sleep for the entire night with the enormous reptile directly beneath him.


New 'sea monster' could rewrite evolution

5-16-2013 | 10

The fossil remains of a new species of dolphin-like Cretaceous era sea reptile have been discovered.

Nature & Environment

World's reptiles facing extinction

2-17-2013 | 22

As many as 19% of the reptile species alive today are on the brink of going extinct, say scientists.


New pterosaur species discovered

9-5-2012 | 8

A previously unknown species of winged reptile dating back 155 million years has been unearthed.


'Vampire' pterosaur fed on dinosaur blood ?

2-25-2012 | 12

A prehistoric species of flying reptile might have feasted upon the blood of large dinosaurs.


How did giant pterosaurs fly ?

10-2-2011 | 18

The basic physics of how giant prehistoric flying reptiles flew has been challenged by scientists.


Prehistoric reptile skin secrets revealed

3-24-2011 | 4

Scientists have mapped organic compounds in a 50-million year-old reptile skin sample.

World of the Bizarre

Man smuggles 44 lizards in his underpants

1-27-2010 | 10

A man from Germany has been jailed after attempting to smuggle a number of reptiles out of New Zealand in his underwear.


280-million-year-old reptile's last meal

12-29-2009 | 3

Scientists have discovered the remains of insect parts stuck between the teeth of prehistoric reptiles, the find suggest...


New type of flying reptile discovered

11-18-2009 | 5

A controversial type of evolution has been evidenced in the discovery of a new type of flying reptile that fills a gap i...


Pterodactyl fossil reveals complex flight

8-10-2009 | 5

Studies of a pterodactyl fossil have shown that the creature had complex wing fibers that would have enabled it to fly w...

Science & Technology

Hope for amputees in salamander research

7-4-2009 | 1

Scientists who have been studying the way in which salamanders regenerate lost limbs have provided hope for amputees, th...

Nature & Environment

Giant tortoise to celebrate 128th birthday

5-29-2009 | 11

A giant tortoise called Methuselah is celebrating its 128th birthday. The gentle giant was born in 1881 in the Galapagos...


World's largest ever snake discovered

2-5-2009 | 20

A new species of prehistoric giant boa constrictor, the "Titanoboa", has been discovered. This behemoth of the reptile w...

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