Friday, August 19, 2022
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Natural World

Deep-sea 'Eye of Sauron' volcano discovered

7-24-2021 | 4

Researchers have discovered an undersea volcano that looks like something out of 'The Lord of the Rings'.

Space & Astronomy

What are these ghostly circles out in space ?

12-25-2020 | 13

Astronomers have been attempting to explain a strange phenomenon involving ghostly circular 'smoke rings'.


Man cooks chicken in Yellowstone hot springs

11-6-2020 | 7

A visitor has been banned from the park after being caught attempting to use the hot springs to cook chicken.


Curious bear rings house doorbell late at night

 VIDEO  9-15-2020 | 6

An unexpected visitor of a furry, four-legged variety gave one family quite a surprise earlier this month.

Space & Astronomy

Martian moons may have once formed rings

6-3-2020 | 8

An increasing body of evidence suggests that Mars may have once had its own spectacular ring system.

The UFO Phenomenon

Witnesses recall UFO that landed in Colorado

3-11-2020 | 4

Something strange visited the southwest side of Colorado Springs one summer night 28 years ago.

Space & Astronomy

Crew Dragon launches on first flight to ISS

 VIDEO  3-2-2019 | 9

The unmanned test flight brings NASA one step closer to being able to launch its own crewed missions again.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's rings are gradually disappearing

 VIDEO  12-19-2018 | 9

A new study has revealed that Saturn's rings may be slowly falling on to the gas giant as 'ring rain'.

Science & Technology

Real-life Iron Man brings his suit to Salford

 VIDEO  11-26-2017 | 16

Richard Browning stunned onlookers this week as he flew around a business park in Salford, England.

Space & Astronomy

Saturn's rings are raining down methane

10-18-2017 | 1

NASA has revealed the discovery of methane and other chemicals in the gas giant's upper atmosphere.

Space & Astronomy

Did Saturn's rings form relatively recently ?

8-30-2017 | 9

New data from Cassini has suggested that Saturn's rings may only be around 100 million years old.

Natural World

New species of snake discovered in the UK

8-7-2017 | 9

The find brings the total number of distinct snake species in the British Isles from three to four.

Space & Astronomy

Amazing new views of Saturn's rings revealed

5-8-2017 | 12

Cassini's second dive between Saturn and its innermost ring has yielded more breathtaking photographs.

Space & Astronomy

Cassini begins dive between Saturn's rings

4-26-2017 | 10

The dangerous nature of the maneuver has resulted in NASA temporarily losing contact with the spacecraft.


Hot springs holds 'hair freezing' competition

 VIDEO  2-26-2017 | 11

Every year, visitors to the Takhini Hot Springs in Yukon are challenged to freeze their hair and brows.

Space & Astronomy

Mars may be slowly forming a ring system

2-19-2017 | 6

Mars may not be the most obvious place to look for rings, but that could soon be set to change.

Natural World

Rain brings alien-like shrimp back to life

1-16-2017 | 17

A prehistoric species of shrimp in Australia has been emerging from the ground recently due to heavy rain.


Neanderthal-built stone rings found in cave

5-25-2016 | 16

Remarkable prehistoric structures made from stalagmites have been discovered inside a cave in France.

Science & Technology

Real-life Mount Doom could soon erupt again

5-12-2016 | 7

The iconic volcano used in the Lord of the Rings movie trilogy has had its eruption alert elevated.

Science & Technology

Scientists store and retrieve images in DNA

4-10-2016 | 8

A revolutionary new technique has made it possible to use strings of DNA to store digital photographs.

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