Thursday, May 19, 2022
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Ancient Mysteries

Ancient gold ring found in a shipwreck could depict Jesus

2-7-2022 | 8

Revealed by the Israel Antiquities Authority back in December, the ring shows a shepherd boy holding a sheep.

Modern Mysteries

Controversy surrounds HMS Endeavour wreck discovery

2-4-2022 | 1

Officials in Australia have announced that the wreck has been conclusively identified, but others are not so sure.

Modern Mysteries

Divers search shipwreck for the Amber Room

9-9-2021 | 1

A dive team has been exploring the wreck of a sunken German warship in search of Russia's long-lost treasure.

Modern Mysteries

Nazi shipwreck could contain Amber Room

10-2-2020 | 6

A Polish diving team has discovered the final resting place of the missing WWII-era steamer 'Karlsruhe'.

Ancient Mysteries

Fleet of shipwrecks found in the Mediterranean

4-21-2020 | 3

British archaeologists have discovered a treasure trove of shipwrecks, the oldest dating back over 2,000 years.

Modern Mysteries

SS Cotopaxi shipwreck found after 94 years

1-30-2020 | 3

A steamship that famously went missing near the Bermuda Triangle in 1925 has finally been located.

Ancient Mysteries

Mystery 500-year-old wreck found in the Baltic

 VIDEO  7-24-2019 | 4

The incredibly well-preserved wreck of a Renaissance vessel has been discovered on the ocean floor.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery shipwreck found in the Gulf of Mexico

5-31-2019 | 4

Researchers discovered the unidentified 200-year-old wreck during an equipment test earlier this month.

Modern Mysteries

Anchor could be from 'El Dorado of the seas'

3-4-2019 | 0

A mystery anchor found off the coast of Cornwall could be from a long-lost shipwreck filled with gold and silver.

Modern Mysteries

Inuit deaths blamed on shipwreck 'curse'

12-20-2018 | 0

Six unexpected deaths at the remote Arctic settlement of Gjoa Haven have been attributed to a reawakened curse.

Ancient Mysteries

World's oldest intact shipwreck discovered

10-23-2018 | 9

The wreck of a wooden vessel dating back 2,400 years has been found at the bottom of the Black Sea.

Modern Mysteries

$17B 'holy grail of shipwrecks' discovered

5-22-2018 | 21

The long-lost 300-year-old Spanish galleon was found with the help of an autonomous underwater vehicle.

Ancient Mysteries

'Made in China' label solves shipwreck mystery

 VIDEO  5-20-2018 | 1

The origins of a mysterious 800-year-old shipwreck have been determined thanks to a rather helpful label.

Ancient Mysteries

Oldest known astrolabe found in shipwreck

10-25-2017 | 2

Marine archaeologists have discovered the earliest known example of an astrolabe navigation tool.

Ancient Mysteries

Antikythera shipwreck yields more treasures

10-8-2017 | 4

Divers have recovered several statue pieces and a mystery bronze disc from the 2,000-year-old shipwreck.

Ancient Mysteries

60 ancient shipwrecks found in the Black Sea

9-19-2017 | 10

Marine archaeologists unexpectedly stumbled across a goldmine of shipwrecks during a recent expedition.

Modern Mysteries

Nazi gold reportedly found in WWII shipwreck

7-24-2017 | 2

A chest thought to be filled with Nazi gold has been found in the wreckage of the scuttled SS Minden.

Ancient Mysteries

Antikythera Mechanism mystery turns 115

 VIDEO  5-17-2017 | 23

It has been over a century since the ancient device was found in a shipwreck off the coast of Greece.

Modern Mysteries

WWII shipwrecks are mysteriously vanishing

11-17-2016 | 40

Three shipwrecks dating back to World War II have completely disappeared from the bottom of the Java Sea.

Ancient Mysteries

Skeleton found at the Antikythera shipwreck

 VIDEO  9-20-2016 | 2

Divers have unearthed 2,000-year-old skeletal remains within the wreckage of a Roman-era cargo ship.

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