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The UFO Phenomenon

Ukrainian soldiers capture footage of disc-shaped UFO over war zone

 VIDEO  2-29-2024 | 62

The men, who had been operating a reconnaissance drone, spotted a wide, thin disc hovering in the distance.

Modern Mysteries

Hunt for Nazi gold in Dutch village is called off

5-3-2023 | 7

The gold had allegedly been buried in the German countryside by Nazi soldiers during World War II.

Modern Mysteries

Treasure map release sparks hunt for real-life Nazi gold

1-8-2023 | 7

Treasure hunters will soon be scouring the Dutch countryside for a cache of riches buried by German soldiers during WWII.

Science & Technology

Brain-computer interfaces could create AI-controlled supersoldiers

12-10-2022 | 5

The ethical considerations of brain-computer interfaces are likely to be a hot topic in the coming decades.

Science & Technology

UK joins genomic technology arms race

4-30-2021 | 1

From bioweapons to super soldiers, genomic technology is changing the way militaries engage in warfare.

Science & Technology

USAF working on 'Wolverine' healing powers

2-22-2021 | 9

Cellular reprogramming could make it possible for soldiers to heal wounds five times faster than usual.

Science & Technology

US Army predicts cyborg soldiers by 2050

11-26-2019 | 12

A new report has predicted the technologies that soldiers of the future will be equipped with on the battlefield.

Science & Technology

US Army develops 'Third Arm' exoskeleton

 VIDEO  6-3-2018 | 8

The unique device acts as a third limb, enabling soldiers to aim and fire heavier weapons during combat.

Science & Technology

DARPA is attempting to 'slow biological time'

3-6-2018 | 4

Known as Biostasis, the program aims to increase the odds of survival for injured soldiers on the battlefield.

Science & Technology

'Second skin' could help to protect soldiers

8-6-2016 | 5

Scientists are working on a new type of protective suit made out of lightweight carbon nanotubes.

Archaeology & History

Did medieval armies really use fire arrows ?

 VIDEO  6-12-2016 | 14

It's a form of attack used to great effect in movies - but did real soldiers ever actually use them ?

Science & Technology

UK soldiers test out new 'invisibility cloak'

3-21-2016 | 13

British troops have been conducting field trials of a new type of camouflage material known as Vatec.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

Did US troops encounter Bigfoot in Vietnam ?

9-12-2015 | 91

A significant number of soldiers reported encounters with an ape-like creature in the jungles of Vietnam.

Science & Technology

US army puts out call for invisibility cloaks

5-9-2015 | 20

The army is attempting to secure cutting edge materials capable of rendering its soldiers invisible.

Science & Technology

DARPA funds '4 minute mile' jetpack

9-15-2014 | 17

Scientists have come up with a jetpack that can help soldiers to run faster on the battlefield.

Archaeology & History

3D imaging to solve Terracotta Army mystery

6-24-2014 | 16

A new 3D imaging technique could finally determine whether the warriors were based on real soldiers.

Science & Technology

Scientists create pizza that can last years

2-16-2014 | 15

The US military had been requesting a ready-to-eat pizza for soldiers as an alternative to field rations.

World of the Bizarre

Nazi giant rabbit breeding program revealed

9-29-2013 | 63

New details have emerged of a bizarre World War II program designed to provide fur for soldiers.

The UFO Phenomenon

Indian troops report wave of UFO sightings

8-24-2013 | 37

Soldiers in India have reported several sightings of unidentified flying objects over the China border.

Science & Technology

Pentagon to track soldiers using tattoos

3-30-2013 | 8

Scientists at the Pentagon are looking to use a special tattoo to track the vital signs of US soldiers.

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