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Science & Technology

US Navy is reportedly developing a one-of-a-kind supersonic submarine

2-21-2024 | 20

The highly advanced new submarine would be capable of traveling at supersonic speeds underwater.

Modern Mysteries

Submarine that carries tourists to visit the Titanic has gone missing

6-19-2023 | 275

Another maritime disaster is potentially brewing as search and rescue efforts get underway.

Modern Mysteries

US submarine collision: 'mystery object' now identified

11-12-2021 | 40

Last month a US nuclear submarine was reported to have collided with an unknown object in the South China Sea.

Modern Mysteries

US nuclear sub collides with 'mystery object'

 VIDEO  10-9-2021 | 40

A US nuclear attack submarine has suffered damage after striking an unknown object in the South China Sea.

Science & Technology

Boaty McBoatface goes for a swim in Loch Ness

5-29-2021 | 5

Scientists have been using Loch Ness to prepare several robotic submarines for deep-sea expeditions.

Modern Mysteries

Wreck of missing Argentine sub discovered

11-17-2018 | 2

The ARA San Juan has finally been found twelve months after it went missing during a routine mission.

Science & Technology

U-boat wreck is dubbed 'underwater Chernobyl'

10-15-2018 | 9

With its 60-ton cargo of mercury, the wreckage of U-864 is an environmental disaster waiting to happen.

Modern Mysteries

Mystery of Australia's first submarine solved

 VIDEO  9-16-2018 | 1

Researchers have finally determined what caused the destruction of the HMAS AE1 back in 1914.

Modern Mysteries

Missing Nazi submarine mystery finally solved

 VIDEO  4-20-2018 | 7

The wreckage of one of Germany's most advanced U-boats has been discovered off the coast of Denmark.

Modern Mysteries

Civil War submarine mystery finally solved

8-26-2017 | 4

The crew of the HL Hunley, one of the world's first combat submarines, inexplicably died at their posts.

Modern Mysteries

USS Indianapolis wreck found 70 years on

8-20-2017 | 6

The wreckage of a cruiser sank by a Japanese submarine 70 years ago has finally been discovered.

Science & Technology

Boaty McBoatface prepares for first mission

3-13-2017 | 3

The humorously named research submarine is preparing to venture beneath the waters of the Antarctic.

Creatures, Myths & Legends

WWI submarine was 'attacked by monster'

10-19-2016 | 29

A German submarine said to have been attacked by a sea monster has been found off the coast of Scotland.

Science & Technology

DARPA reveals autonomous submarine hunter

2-13-2016 | 10

The new vessel, which does not require a human crew, is designed to scour the ocean for enemy submarines.

The UFO Phenomenon

Submarine missile test is mistaken for UFO

 VIDEO  11-8-2015 | 93

Hundreds of people took to social media to report a strange white light in the skies over California.

The UFO Phenomenon

US Navy images show UFOs over the Arctic

7-9-2015 | 124

A secretive set of photographs has emerged showing two unidentified objects near a US Navy submarine.

Science & Technology

Underwater robot maps Antarctic sea ice

11-24-2014 | 6

A remote-controlled submarine has discovered that the ice is a lot thicker in some places than expected.

Nature & Environment

Greenpeace submarine attacked by squids

10-14-2014 | 24

A two-man submersible was attacked by a pair of the invertebrates during an expedition in the Bering Sea.

Space & Astronomy

Tiny sub to search for life on Europa ?

6-12-2013 | 21

A miniature submarine could one day be used to explore the depths of Europa's mysterious ocean.

Modern Mysteries

Baltic anomaly - is it a Nazi secret weapon ?

7-14-2012 | 584

Some scientists believe the anomaly could be a WWII weapon designed to thwart enemy submarines.

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