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Science & Technology

Time travel - could it really be possible ?

6-14-2022 | 6

Theoretical physicist Peter Watson provides his own take on the possibility of traveling through time.

Science & Technology

Parallel timelines could make time travel possible

4-27-2022 | 22

Physicist Barak Shoshany explores the possibility that we could one day travel through time.

World of the Bizarre

'Time traveler' warns of an impending alien invasion

11-19-2021 | 34

A man claiming to be from the future has already amassed over one billion views on video sharing site TikTok.

Science & Technology

Human brains are capable of 'mental time travel'

6-30-2021 | 11

Scientists have been unravelling the brain's peculiar ability to organize memories in chronological order.

Science & Technology

Physicist solves time travel paradox problem

9-28-2020 | 15

Physics student Germain Tobar has come up with the mathematics for what he calls 'paradox-free' time travel.

Science & Technology

Artist wants to warn the past about the future

7-28-2020 | 19

What if it were possible to send a message back in time and warn humanity about upcoming disasters ?


Are UFOs piloted by humans from the future ?

1-20-2020 | 79

Is it possible that unidentified flying objects are piloted, not by aliens, but by our own future descendants ?

Science & Technology

Physicist pursues life-long dream of time travel

1-3-2020 | 7

University of Connecticut physics professor Ron Mallett hopes to one day build a working time machine.

Modern Mysteries

'Time traveler' claims to be from the year 6491

 VIDEO  6-4-2018 | 41

A man who claims to be from the future is subjected to a lie detector test in a rather dubious new video.

Science & Technology

Hawking service 'open to time travelers'

 VIDEO  5-12-2018 | 8

Organizers of Stephen Hawking's memorial service have seemingly left the door open to visitors from the future.

Modern Mysteries

Man claims to be a time traveler from 2030

 VIDEO  2-14-2018 | 57

A man who claims to have traveled back in time has made several predictions about the future.

World of the Bizarre

Drunk 'time traveler' arrested in Wyoming

10-5-2017 | 38

A man from Casper was picked up by local law enforcement after claiming to have come from the future.

Science & Technology

Time travel is 'mathematically possible'

4-29-2017 | 26

According to Professor Ben Tippett, traveling through time is not outside the realms of possibility.

World of the Bizarre

Man crashes car while trying to 'time travel'

12-24-2015 | 30

A man in Nashville, Tennessee drove his car in to a building while trying to enter a 'time portal'.

Science & Technology

Time travel could happen within 100 years

10-30-2014 | 98

Physicists have predicted that time travel and teleportation could become a reality this century.

Science & Technology

Could wormholes enable us to time travel ?

5-26-2014 | 81

If a wormhole stayed open long enough it may be possible to send messages back and forth through time.

Science & Technology

Scientists seek time travelers on Twitter

1-9-2014 | 69

Scientists have been using social media in an effort to look for time travelers from the future.

World of the Bizarre

Iranian scientist invents 'time machine'

4-12-2013 | 60

Ali Razeghi claims that he has developed what he calls 'The Aryayek Time Traveling Machine'.

Modern Mysteries

Attorney claims to have traveled in time

10-2-2012 | 96

Andrew Basiago is attempting to expose a government coverup involving time travel experiments.

Science & Technology

Time travel theory avoids grandfather paradox

7-23-2010 | 81

Physicists have come up with a new theory for time travel that avoids the infamous 'grandfather paradox'.

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