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Nature & Environment

The next Yellowstone supereruption is close

5-3-2012 | 21

Researchers discover that the Yellowstone super-volcano is a lot more active than previously thought.

Nature & Environment

Did volcanoes cause 'Little Ice Age' ?

2-9-2012 | 2

Researchers now believe volcanic eruptions were responsible for a recent 400-year miniature ice age.

Science & Technology

Project to generate power from volcanoes

1-17-2012 | 9

Plans are being made to pump 24 million gallons of water into the side of a dormant volcano.

Science & Technology

Inflating volcano intrigues scientists

10-25-2011 | 22

A 20,000-foot-high volcano in Bolivia appears to be inflating like a balloon at breakneck speed.

Science & Technology

Do we generate more CO2 than volcanoes ?

6-30-2011 | 81

A new study claims human activites generate more CO2 in 3 days than volcanoes do in a whole year.

Nature & Environment

World's largest mud volcano to last 26 years

3-5-2011 | 4

The eruption began in 2005 and is believed to have been started by gas drilling in the area.

Science & Technology

When will the world's largest volcano erupt ?

1-27-2011 | 43

Its been sitting dormant below Yellowstone National Park for 600,000 years and is now overdue.

Space & Astronomy

Potential ice volcanoes found on Titan

12-15-2010 | 5

NASA's Cassini spacecraft has spotted what could be ice volcanoes on one of Saturn's moons.

Science & Technology

Can we dispose of nuclear waste in volcanoes ?

2-20-2010 | 47

It seems like the ideal way to dispose of radioactive materials within nature's biggest furnaces.

Nature & Environment

Top 5 natural disaster threats

10-2-2009 | 1

From killer asteroids to supervolcanoes, doomsday scenarios involving natural disasters have been the subject of specula...

Science & Technology

Plumbing of a supervolcano revealed

9-28-2009 | 1

Its one of the most destructive forces on the planet and now scientists have been given the chance to take a glimpse for...

Archaeology & History

Giant statues give up hat secret

9-9-2009 | 3

How did the Easter Island statues get their red hats ? Archaeologists now believe that the mysterious headpieces sported...

Science & Technology

Man-made volcanoes may cool Earth

9-1-2009 | 28

A controversial new area of research is being backed by the Royal Society which plans to simulate volcanic eruptions and...

Science & Technology

Ancient supervolcano caused volcanic winter

7-9-2009 | 2

Scientists investigating the consequences of a supervolcano eruption have concluded that in the past these would have cr...

Science & Technology

Is Mount St. Helens a supervolcano ?

6-16-2009 | 2

Scientists from New Zealand have determined that Mt. St. Helens could actually be a Supervolcano, with several large vol...

Science & Technology

Ancient volcano caused mass extinctions

6-1-2009 | 0

Scientists at the University of Leeds have discovered a previously unknown giant volcanic eruption that would have led t...

Space & Astronomy

Huge impact crater discovered on Mercury

5-1-2009 | 0

NASA's Messenger spacecraft has taken a close up look at the planet Mercury, revealing many features that have never bee...

Space & Astronomy

'Mud volcanoes' found on Mars ?

3-30-2009 | 18

Scientists have identified mound-like structures on the northern plains of Mars that are believed to be mud volcanoes, a...

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