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Science & Technology

Fresh water reservoir discovered off Hawaii

11-26-2020 | 2

A new imaging technique has provided an effective way to locate hidden undersea sources of drinking water.

The UFO Phenomenon

The Rendlesham UFO - a nuclear connection ?

11-11-2020 | 10

Could the objects witnessed by military personnel at RAF Bentwaters in 1980 have been there for the nukes ?

Space & Astronomy

There is water on the Moon, scientists confirm

10-26-2020 | 32

Today's discovery about the Moon has turned out to be an absolute confirmation of the presence of water.

Space & Astronomy

Asteroid Bennu may have had flowing water

10-10-2020 | 0

The larger space rock from which Bennu was formed may have once had water flowing across its surface.


Loch Ness Monster sighting caught on video

 VIDEO  10-1-2020 | 16

A man who had been walking his dog along the shore of the loch recently spotted something unusual in the water.


Couple spots 'bus-sized' creature in Loch Ness

9-26-2020 | 119

Corey Sturrock and his wife had been out for a walk when they spotted something very large in the water.

Natural World

Gargantuan crocodile captured in Australia

8-31-2020 | 4

A saltwater crocodile weighing in at over 770lbs has been caught in a river at an Australian tourist hotspot.

Space & Astronomy

Where did the Earth get all of its water from ?

8-28-2020 | 6

A new study has cast doubt on the prevailing theory of how our planet came to possess so much water.

Space & Astronomy

Dwarf planet Ceres turns out to be ocean world

8-12-2020 | 12

Scientists have determined that Ceres, like Europa and Enceladus, is home to an ocean of liquid water.

Science & Technology

Should lithium be added to our drinking water ?

8-10-2020 | 54

A new study suggests that adding the psychoactive chemical to water supplies could reduce suicide rates.


'10ft lake monster' caught on camera in China

 VIDEO  7-9-2020 | 17

Footage showing an unidentified creature lurking in the water of a Chinese lake has appeared on social media.

Space & Astronomy

Pockets of salty water on Mars may be common

5-12-2020 | 0

A new study has indicated that salty water may be more common on the Martian surface than previously believed.

Natural World

New video shows dolphins glowing in the ocean

 VIDEO  4-28-2020 | 8

Photographer Patrick Coyne has captured incredible footage of dolphins swimming in bioluminescent waters.

Natural World

Thousands of pink jellyfish invade Philippines

4-3-2020 | 4

Video footage has emerged showing vast numbers of giant pink jellyfish crammed together in the water.

Science & Technology

Earth was a 'water world' 3 billion years ago

3-2-2020 | 5

Scientists now believe that the entire planet was covered in water and devoid of continents in the distant past.

Natural World

Bizarre sea creature fished up by Texas angler

 VIDEO  2-27-2020 | 9

This unusual looking creature was recently caught in the waters off Port Isabel to the south of Corpus Christi.

Modern Mysteries

Firm in new bid to remove Titanic artifacts

2-23-2020 | 9

An underwater salvage company is seeking legal permission to retrieve objects from inside the wreck.


Pole vaulter snags groin in eye-watering video

 VIDEO  2-22-2020 | 7

A young pole vaulter recently suffered a wince-inducing injury after a freak accident during one of his jumps.

Science & Technology

Mystery 'blob' of hot water found in the Pacific

1-6-2020 | 14

A vast swathe of water exhibiting an unexpectedly high temperature has left scientists scratching their heads.

Science & Technology

2bn-year-old 'time capsule' could contain life

12-29-2019 | 1

Scientists have discovered what looks like bacteria in water retrieved from isolated 'pockets' in South Africa.

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