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Council responds to 'trivial' FOIA requests

9-26-2014 | 4

Essex County Council has come up with some novel responses to FOIA requests about ghosts and zombies.

Ghosts & Hauntings

UK police reveal paranormal reports

7-23-2014 | 9

Police in the West Midlands have dealt with 70 reports of paranormal activity within the last 3 years.


Pentagon has zombie apocalypse battle plan

5-17-2014 | 26

The US government actually has a plan in place in the event that the dead start rising from their graves.


Jewellery store raided by gang of zombies

11-4-2013 | 9

Employees got the fright of their lives when several heavily armed undead broke in to the shop.

Ghosts & Hauntings

Police archives recount paranormal reports

6-20-2013 | 14

Police in Nottingham have been called out to nearly 100 reports of ghosts, monsters and zombies.


UK outlines zombie invasion defence plans

12-26-2012 | 38

The British government has revealed its planned response to a future zombie invasion threat.


FEMA runs zombie preparedness campaign

9-9-2012 | 47

Nothing gets the public to take note of emergancy planning procedures like a zombie apocalypse.


Zombie makes US presidential bid

9-4-2012 | 15

In a publicity stunt for 'The Walking Dead', a zombie is attempting to become the next US president.


University offers zombie survival course

3-13-2012 | 37

Michigan State University is offering a course that teaches people how to survive a zombie apocalypse.

Natural World

'Zombie' fly parasite killing bees

1-5-2012 | 4

The long standing mystery of dying honey bee colonies may finally have a culprit: 'zombie' flies.


Bristol council release zombie guide

7-10-2011 | 30

The guide is designed to explain exactly what to do in the unlikely event of a zombie apocalypse.

Natural World

Wasps turn ladybirds into zombie bodyguards

6-24-2011 | 16

A species of parasitic wasp has been found to turn ladybirds in to zombie bodyguards as protection.


Council quizzed over zombie invasion plans

6-11-2011 | 23

Questions arose after Leicester City Council was asked to release its zombie invasion plans.


CDC has a plan for zombie apocalypse

5-18-2011 | 51

Its the subject of many movies and books, but what would happen in a real zombie apocalypse ?


Highway sign displays zombie warning

3-17-2011 | 29

Drivers in Colorado were perplexed on Monday morning by a road sign warning them about zombies.

Natural World

'Zombie ants' controlled by fungus

1-1-2011 | 26

Scientists have found the oldest evidence of a parasitic fungus that turns ants in to zombies.


Could life have come from alien zombies ?

11-11-2010 | 16

Taking the idea of panspermia one step further - could dead alien microbes have spread life to the Earth ?


Horror film fans fairytale 'zombie wedding'

10-28-2010 | 7

A bride and groom exchanged vows while dressed as zombies in an unusual undead themed wedding.

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