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Translucent silent UFO

September 9, 2016 | Comment icon 23 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by Starseed11 from Brisbane/Australia .
This happened about 4 years ago. I had just returned home from an afternoon shift at my work when I stepped out of my car and looked up into the night sky. It was a clear night, no clouds and the usual starless night of a city skyline when I noticed a clear translucent craft moving swiftly across the sky.
This 'craft' was completely silent and see through, like it was cloaked, the only reason I could make it out was because it was translucent, see through like clear jelly. It travelled quite fast and I lost sight of it after perhaps about 20 seconds.

Readers who have seen Space Ghost or Star Trek may understand what I mean by its semi transparent cloaked appearance. To this day I don't know if it was an alien craft or a secret craft on its way to Pine Gap or whatever.

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Comment icon #14 Posted by oldrover 7 years ago
And when you do relate something you think is strange, †people here are going to ask for more information to see whether or not it sounds strange to them too. And, it might well do. So far though,†there's not enough info in how you've described it to be able to say.† †But you say†it's getting old. And that's really is fair enough. All the best.†
Comment icon #15 Posted by ChrLzs 7 years ago
... sounds pretty much like the effect you get from the wake of aircraft - either one large one or several in formation, as I†suggested earlier.. †That was†dismissed without explanation despite the fact that everything matches, the 'looking thru jelly' effect and even the estimates of speed and height... †
Comment icon #16 Posted by Sakari 7 years ago
† † Wonder Woman ?
Comment icon #17 Posted by Thorvir Hrothgaard 7 years ago
Wait, what? †If you "make no mistake about this at all", then choose just one of those things, for crying out loud.
Comment icon #18 Posted by Thorvir Hrothgaard 7 years ago
Makes much more sense than a "near invisible silent craft of extra terrestrial, inter dimensional or secret government technology".
Comment icon #19 Posted by Starseed11 7 years ago
That's your opinion, you're welcome to it. I do ask though why you are on this site as you seem very closed minded. Maybe it's not really for you hey?
Comment icon #20 Posted by Starseed11 7 years ago
Why should I choose one of those things? I offered alternative meanings for this, I'm the one that viewed†it not you. Get off this thread†if you don't believe it. Keep taking the blue pill, or more befits the way you want to interpret this world. Don't belittle me , I only reported on this site what I saw and have interpreted it in my own way. Get off me. You or anyone don't like what I saw or how I've tried to explain to people what I experienced is NOT my problem.†
Comment icon #21 Posted by ChrLzs 7 years ago
Starseed, given you rejected/ignored at least one fully applicable explanation for what you saw, I think it's pretty ironic that you now call others close-minded.. As for the attitude.. wow. †Way to sound credible... †
Comment icon #22 Posted by Starseed11 7 years ago
I don't care if I sound credible. I don't lie. I tire of being belittled and mocked for these things. He posts a picture of Wonder Woman's craft in a attempt to suggest I'm an idiot and I'm not supposed to react? This is the only site I've even thought of telling what I saw, I've only told a relative about it that's it and I expect more open minded people here. Maybe I over react but that's how I am sometimes with this stuff. Things like this happen, I'm not the only one that sees things in the sky.†
Comment icon #23 Posted by davros of skaro 7 years ago
Thanks for relating your experience.†

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