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The haunted pond

December 21, 2016 | Comment icon 2 comments
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This story was submitted to the site by Del Preston from Essex, Ontario, Canada.
There is a rumor that Sadler's Pond in Essex, Ontario is haunted by the ghost of a girl who committed suicide after finding out that her boyfriend had cheated on her. I first heard the story when I was in high school but I had never believed in any type of religion or ghosts so I didn't give it any thought what so ever.

The year I graduated I met a Native-American man named Kevin who was telling me about experiences he had had in the past with ghosts or "spirits". His stories convinced me that ghosts may actually exist and made me curious to find out if the pond I'd known my entire life was in fact haunted.

Walking home that night my brother and I decided to detour to the small dock on the North side of the pond. About 2 minutes down the path I literally froze and couldn't move, and very clearly saw a woman in a dress with a rope tied around her neck. I could see her as clear as day for about 4 seconds before she disappeared. I told myself it was just my imagination showing me what I wanted to see and kept walking. Once I got to the dock I didn't even bother telling my brother what I saw because even I thought it sounded crazy. We stood there for a few minutes and even though it had been a very warm, muggy night we both felt a weird coldness that seemed to have nothing to do with the weather.

The next day I told Kevin about what happened and he informed that ghosts do in fact create cold spots and insisted that I take him there that night. Kevin, his girlfriend and I brought a camera to record our walk around the pond. We were about half way around when Kevin stopped and said something was following us. I thought he was just trying to make things interesting until a black cat ran from behind us, crossing the path right in front of us. We kept walking and once we reached the exact spot where I froze up the night before, the camera suddenly died. The entire walk only took about ten minutes and the camera still had about 75% battery left, but it turned off and wouldn't turn back on. We didn't think much about it and kept walking. We made it to the parking lot and were standing around talking when Kevin looked at me very seriously and asked what I was thinking.
I had never experienced anything like it before but I had a very strong urge to go back in, like I absolutely needed to and had no other choice. I have no idea how he knew what I was thinking, but before I could answer he looked back at the entrance and said, "go ahead". I saw a black spot on the ground exactly where the camera had died, and where I'd frozen. I was walking towards it thinking it was a hole until it jumped up, hissed at me and ran across the path into a ditch. I stopped for a second then continued towards the dock.

When I got there I instantly froze like I had the night before and the only thing I could see was a golden ring sitting on the bottom of the pond in mud. It was exactly like a dream only I was awake, and I have no idea how long it lasted. When I got back to the parking lot Kevin immediately looked at me and said, "There's something in the pond isn't there?" I couldn't believe it. Kevin's girlfriend also said she saw the ghost of a woman right before the cat ran away when I was going back in. We decided to go home and check the video we took.

When we got back I was expecting their cat to come running to see me like he always did, but this time we hid under a table and hissed at me. I hooked the camera up to the computer and found the video. Nothing weird shows up until the first time the cat runs across the path and it is followed by a large, bright blue orb moving slowly behind it. Windows Media Player would crash with 2-3 seconds of the video left every time I played it. I tried and tried and finally managed to get a screenshot from the part where the camera died. Before Media Player crashed again, we could clearly see the side of an evil looking face. The face is a burnt orange colour and turns slowly towards us. I pasted the screenshot into MS Paint and nothing shows up except total blackness inside the Media Player border. I was already convinced that Sadler's Pond was actually home to a ghost and that she had possibly followed us home.

To check if Kevin's girlfriend and I actually saw Andrea or if we imagined her, I drew her how I saw her and once I was done Kevin's girlfriend described exactly 100% what I had drawn, with there being no possible way she could have seen my drawing, which means we both saw the exact same girl.

For the next few months I had no reasoning for it at all but I was deeply depressed. I just wanted to lay in bed all day and couldn't explain why I felt so down all the time. The depression lasted until I let a friend talk me into going back to the pond, I waited in the parking lot but that was the closest I'd been to it since the night we went with the camera. I went to sleep that night and had one of the most realistic dreams of my life. There was an older yellow car (possibly 70's or 80's) parked at the entrance to Sadler's Pond left running and with the driver's door open. The dream had to be from the past because the paths hadn't been paved yet and there were a lot more trees. When I woke up after the dream I felt totally different, like I'd gotten something off my chest and the depression was totally gone. To this day I still get chills when I think about the events that occurred at Sadler's Pond and refuse to go back at night.

Comments (2)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Kismit 7 years ago
It's a very interesting story. Allthough it does seem a little over the top with some of the experiences. I am interested however in the amount of hauntings attributed  to woman killing themself when a love is lost. It's a very common theme.
Comment icon #2 Posted by LostSouls7 7 years ago
  I would love to live next to the haunted pond.

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