Monday, January 22, 2018
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Am I going crazy ?

Posted on 3-30-2017 | Comment icon 1 comment

By: Franeqii | Location: South Africa

When I was 14 years old, my father died. Since then, weird things started happening. Now I'm 21,but the thing is, it happens and then it stops. Then it starts up again. I don't know much about the supernatural or anything like that, but since I can remember, I've had dreams or seen images in my minds eye. I can sense when something is near, but only sometimes.

We've had spirits in our house but after my father's death one entity in particular had me terrified. It started with shadowy figures in the mirrors and the feeling of being watched in the hallway. It gradually escalated to things moving and lights flickering and so on. It started messing with my sleep patterns and I always felt exhausted. I went to pastors and priests and it would help for a few days but then the things would just start happening again.

It got to a point where I was lying on my bed staring at the ceiling, and I got this feeling of being paralyzed. It felt like something was pushing me into the bed. I couldn't move or breathe. It lasted only about a minute but I was absolutely terrified. My mother didn't believe me but after I insisted, we got a priest to do a cleansing on our home. After he walked through our house he left telling my mom that it was out of his league. I started opening my bibles in my room on Psalm 23 and even writing it on my door frame. It didn't seem to work, and looking back now I think it's because I was too afraid. I was sleeping all the time and I remember one night waking up seeing a silhouette at my bedroom door. Though it's a bit loopy, I do remember saying something along the lines of "fire around our house. In the name of Jesus Christ I condemn you out of this house and back to hell." Till this day I am convinced that it was either the holy spirit or a higher power helping me out that night, since I don't remember much.

We moved away and it stopped for a while, only starting mildly again after my dog died. I got those weird feelings of being watched and heard humming that sounded far away yet close at the same time if that makes any sense. No moving objects or anything. My lightbulb always seemed to explode at random times constantly though. Then I moved in with my boyfriend, and all was good for a while. About six months ago things started moving when I was alone. One night at about 11 pm we heard a loud crash in the kitchen, my boyfriend went to check what it was. All the drawers and cupboard doors were wide open, even the ones that struggled to open up. Then we started hearing footsteps outside our window and the dogs would bark at nothing. We moved to a new house in January, and only recently after I talked with my mom about her neighbours ghost things started happening again. Things moving around in our room, the feeling of being watched, lights flickering that sort of thing.

If I am going to be honest I am afraid. Is there maybe someone out there that knows what is going on with me? Am I like susceptible for these things to latch onto me or something? Am I maybe clairvoyant or something? What can I do to stop these things from happening? Should I wait this out or deal with it? And what is "it"? I feel like there's a reason these things are happening I just don't know why. It seems to be at it's worst when someone near me dies. Is it maybe possible that something latches on to me from another realm when someone I know passes through? Or am I just super-latchable?

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Comment icon #1 Posted by LabotomusRex on 30 March, 2017, 19:55
Sounds like emotional trauma, I knfa have the same thing because of 9/11,consciously I don't care about terrorism or the well being of other people certainly not strangers in fact im kinda a jerk but I guess subconsciously something happened because I have auditory hallucinations now where I hear conversations between people like they are invisible and sometimes I hear music. The only thing different that happened at that time was 9/11,like most people I spent day's thinking about it but nothing emotional...the subconscious is a strange entity,one unto itself.

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