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A night to remember

April 14, 2017 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: PD / Photovision / Pixabay
This story was submitted to the site by Cherub from Philippines.
Twenty six years ago and still I can't forget the night when I saw a strange thing in the sky. I was a young lady that time, energetic and dedicated to my work. I worked as an elementary school teacher in my hometown. At night I accepted tutorial home service.

One night sometime in October around 9:45pm after my tutorial service I was walking on the street going home then all the lights on the street suddenly went off - it was dark because even houses around had no lights. Even so, I was not afraid - instead I was happy to stare at the bright sky with plenty of bright stars.

Suddenly a strange object in the sky took up my attention. At first I thought it was an airplane but as I got closer to the object I noticed it was different from an airplane. I was very sure about it. It was not a plane. An airplane moves straight while this object moves in a circular motion.
I did not try to blink so I could watch this strange object. It seems it was following me until I get inside my house. As I got home, the lights were back all over our town. I tried to draw that object and it was very similar to the object I saw in the movie. It is round with lights under it. The lights were blinking and moves in circular motion. I couldn't believe I saw what others called a UFO. I thought it was only in the movies or a fictional story.

It was hard for me to sleep that night I couldn't believe it was real. But I was happy and I can't explain my feeling that night. I just tell myself I have to get rest and tomorrow for sure I will hear the same story about that strange object or about that UFO. I woke up early - I was so excited to hear someone tell the same story as what I experienced but I never hear anything about that strange object.

It seems I was the only one who saw that strange object. Until now I keep asking myself - why it appeared to me ? Do I have any connections to other beings like aliens? It was almost twenty years ago and I think it was a night to remember.

What a good experienced that always to remember.

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