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My bed definitely shook

July 24, 2018 | Comment icon 5 comments
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This story was submitted to the site by blessedbecindy from nsw.
This is a true phenomenon, bed shaking! It all started when my mum told me one day that after going to bed to read before going to sleep she was lying down reading when at the foot of the bed an imprint as though someone was sitting on the bed.

I was living with her at the time and I thought it was weird but nothing else happened so after a while we forgot about it, that was til one night I was home alone and whenever mum went away I usually slept in her bed, I only had a single bed so the luxery of a queen bed was nice.
This night I'd just got into bed and I was about to turn off the bedside lamp and the bed began to shake, and this is the crazy thing, all the stories are the same, the bed is always shaking slightly, never vigorously and no one seems to feel any fear from it strangly.

When it happened to me I was puzzeled by it but at no time did I feel afraid, I actually turned the lamp off and went to sleep, it never happened again, I sort of wished it did.

The only other familiarity I've associated with this phenomenon possibly is the craft of paganism.

Comments (5)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by MissJatti 6 years ago
It could be underground train/rail network, and airplane, or an earthquake, to name a few. Hope you find your experience before considering the paranormal
Comment icon #2 Posted by Rick hughes 6 years ago
My bed kicks and shakes from the shadow people. What ever they can do to get my attention. Speak to you, stare at you from the door then rush to you at amazing speed. You think they are taking you to hell.
Comment icon #3 Posted by Rick hughes 6 years ago
What is a doppelgänger?
Comment icon #4 Posted by Noxasa 6 years ago
My bed shakes sometimes, but only when the Earth shakes too.  :-)
Comment icon #5 Posted by MyOtherAccount 6 years ago
I guess I am destined to say, Google Sleep Paralysis for the rest of my life!

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