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Unknown flash

September 19, 2019 | Comment icon 2 comments

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This story was submitted to the site by Shel from GA.
1st of all, I've lived in my (100+yr old) home over 20 yrs. Not long after moving in, strange sightings & noises & voices have been witnessed by myself, my (ex) husband, 2 of 3 of my children, & my ex boyfriend.

I guess you could say we learned to live with it. My oldest son (who's had epilepsy since an infant) had never witnessed anything. Fast forward to yesterday...only me & my oldest were at my home...(I live "alone" now). We were seated in my living room, no tv or lights on...middle of sunny day.
Out of nowhere a bright, almost blinding, HUGE flash of light flashed in the middle of the room...midway between floor and ceiling just off centered of the 15'x15'x10' room. We both looked at each other in amazement/fear.

He said.."what was that?" When he realized he may have just witnessed one of the homes strange behaviors, he immediately started saying, "I didn't see anything!" (He kept repeating that) He now acts like I'm crazy & won't admit he saw it...even to me! Frustrating isn't the word!

What could this have been? Not electrical, or weather related. Any advice?

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by zygote_myles 4 years ago
Wow. Yes, very strange indeed. I have no idea what may have caused the bright flash of light but maybe when your son said "I didn't see anything" what he meant was, I didn't see anything cause the flash of light. Poor little guy.  But perhaps it's a case of just smiling when the rare and unusual occurs. I've witnessed unusual things and I feel lucky. But obviously things can be quite scary too, sure.
Comment icon #2 Posted by tortugabob 4 years ago
If he says he didn't see it you didn't see it.  Just your imagination playing tricks on you.  

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