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Birthday balloon

October 26, 2019 | Comment icon 6 comments

Image Credit: CC BY-2.0 Ishmael Orendain
This story was submitted to the site by Brooklyn boy from Usa.
I was double parked waiting for my wife, who was in the dry cleaners. I saw a silver mylar birthday balloon dragging a weight travelling along the sidewalk across the street. The balloon waited for cars to pass and it crossed the street and went behind my car.

My wife got into the car and as I was telling her about the balloon it came to her window. Since it is my daughter's birthday she looked out the window, opened the window and took it in. She put it in the back seat where it rested against the headrest of the back seat.

We made another stop and my wife went into her mother's house. The balloon came to the front seat where I was sitting and nuzzled against my cheek.
When we finally got home, I was freaked out and left it by the garbage. It flew past me and waited by the door.

As I opened the door it tried to follow me in but I closed and locked the door. An hour late I saw it waiting outside my neighbor's door.

A half an hour later it was gone

Comments (6)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by freetoroam 3 years ago
It was only in the back to start with. Not exactly difficult for it to sway into the front. jeeze!  It was a balloon ffs,  they can do that. All it needs is a bit of a breeze flowing in the same direction as you and you got yourself a stalking balloon. 
Comment icon #2 Posted by papageorge1 3 years ago
I have by now heard multiple stories suggesting balloons guided around by an unseen intelligence. Very odd that you as a grown man would get 'freaked out' by a normal balloon behaving normally. Good chance in my mind this was something beyond the normal.   Papameter  55% Paranormal   45% Natural or Hoax
Comment icon #3 Posted by Desertrat56 3 years ago
It is so sad.  The balloon wanted in and the guy didn't let it in.  It was there for his daughter's birthday!
Comment icon #4 Posted by tortugabob 2 years ago
Cocaine is a helluva drug. Get some help.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Matt221 2 years ago
i used to know an old lady who if she ever saw a balloon flying about shed always say hello to it ........... nowt to do with this thread just thought id share it with you ....... your welcome
Comment icon #6 Posted by Golden Amazon 2 years ago
I would have popped it. End of stalking balloon.    

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