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Black widows found in supermarket grapes

Posted on Sunday, 24 November, 2013 | Comment icon 17 comments

Black widows possess a potentially deadly bite. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 2.0 Konrad Summers
A shopper who had bought a bunch of grapes returned home to find more than she had bargained for.
Yvonne Whalen had bought the grapes from a Giant Food Stores in Pennsylvania and had been washing them at home when she spotted something unexpected moving inside the bunch. The unwelcome visitor turned out to be a black widow spider, an arachnid capable of delivering a very nasty bite.

"I quickly dropped the colander and screamed," she said. "My first thought was to use a hose and force it down the drain into the garbage disposal."

Yvonne later found a second black widow in the same bunch of grapes however it appeared to already be dead. An analysis of the spiders later confirmed that they were indeed black widows.

Cases of spiders and other insects hitching a ride in fruit shipments have been on the rise in recent years. Earlier in the month a shopper who bought grapes from an Aldi store in Wisconsin also came across a dead black widow that had managed to hide inside the bunch.

Source: Metro | Comments (17)

Tags: Spider

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by _Only on 24 November, 2013, 19:35
Produce boxes and grape bags in particular often have holes (intended) in them. So the spider really could have crawled in at any point from grapes being put into its shipping container to going into the woman's house.
Comment icon #9 Posted by beelzebufo on 24 November, 2013, 23:40
I grew up in a house that had black widows living in the basement. Finding one in my grapes wouldn't be a huge deal. I'm numb to the horror.
Comment icon #10 Posted by homo.liberis on 25 November, 2013, 3:37
I don't share my home with anything with more than 6 legs. My bed with anything with more than 4 legs. And my bath with anything with more than 2 legs. Not negotiable!
Comment icon #11 Posted by TopToffee on 25 November, 2013, 5:36
Quality Control guy got bitten.Should be a new one along soon.
Comment icon #12 Posted by TheSpoonyOne on 25 November, 2013, 18:18
As an Englishman, I'd like to ask how you cope living in Australia with a fear of spiders? I mean I am absolutely petrified of them, decent sized house spiders make me freeze on the spot, but that's why I'm so thankful to have been born on my safe North West European island where they're pretty much the worst I have to worry about, I can't imagine living in Australia, the demonic spider capital of the planet as far as I'm concerned!
Comment icon #13 Posted by kapow53 on 26 November, 2013, 1:58
I agree, living in Florida it's hard not to accidently walk through webs. I've been bitten a few times and it can be bad. May even require a trip to the Dr. The animals in Australia are much worse and not just the spiders.
Comment icon #14 Posted by pallidin on 26 November, 2013, 9:18
To be sure, spiders have their place in Nature. But, I sure don't want one crawling on my skin or on my food. Yuck.
Comment icon #15 Posted by ShortyStuff on 27 November, 2013, 6:09
They're just trying to do their part and add a little protein to the vegan diet.
Comment icon #16 Posted by Sir Wearer of Hats on 27 November, 2013, 6:22
Fear is good, it's what keeps us here in Australia alive. We live, after all, in a country where even the weather is trying to brutally murder us all. We check the toilet - just in case - out of fear. We shake out even thongs/flip-flops and crocs - just in case - out of fear. Anyone who isn't scared doesn't last long and usually goes out on a dramatic manner (hello there Steve Irwin).
Comment icon #17 Posted by TopToffee on 27 November, 2013, 7:14
I got bitten on my bottom once,whilst abroad.It stung for days and made sitting down pretty uncomfortable,i can tell you.

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