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Nature & Environment

Mysterious, web-like strands are falling from the sky over California

 VIDEO  10-7-2023 | 12

A peculiar natural phenomenon has been leaving California residents watching the skies this month.

World of the Bizarre

Fossil licking and zombie spiders among 2023's Ig Nobel Prize winners

 VIDEO  9-15-2023 | 3

The annual ceremony celebrates some of the strangest science projects imaginable.

World of the Bizarre

Boy allows black widow to bite him in effort to become Spider-Man

8-7-2023 | 8

The young boy attempted to gain the powers of the fictional web-slinger by enlisting the services of a black widow spider.

Nature & Environment

Sea spiders can regrow their anuses, new study finds

1-29-2023 | 5

A new study has highlighted the impressive (and sometimes bizarre) regenerative abilities of sea spiders.

Nature & Environment

New evidence suggests that even spiders have dreams

 VIDEO  8-9-2022 | 5

A behavioral ecologist has made a fascinating discovery that could challenge what we know of arachnids.

Nature & Environment

Pack-hunting spiders detect vibrations and swarm their prey

3-8-2022 | 3

As if one spider wasn't bad enough - imagine being set upon by 1,000 of them in a giant web...

Nature & Environment

Is the daddy longlegs really the world's most venomous spider ?

1-18-2022 | 21

It's a claim that has been doing the rounds for years, but just how accurate is it ?

Nature & Environment

'Megaspider' is so large it can bite through fingernails

 VIDEO  11-21-2021 | 25

A zoo in Australia has come into possession of one of the largest funnel web spider specimens ever found.

Nature & Environment

Spiders and ants use zinc to sharpen their teeth

9-6-2021 | 1

Scientists have determined that zinc-infused proteins enable spiders and insects to puncture tough skin.

Nature & Environment

Australian tree stings with spider-like toxins

9-18-2020 | 1

Scientists have been studying what gives the rather unusual 'gympie gympie' tree such an excruciating sting.

World of the Bizarre

Boys sought spider bite 'to gain superpowers'

5-28-2020 | 18

Three boys in Bolivia recently got more than they bargained for when they tried to become Spider-Man.

Nature & Environment

Giant funnel-web spider is twice average size

 VIDEO  2-6-2020 | 12

A gargantuan funnel-web spider that is double the normal size for its species has been discovered in Australia.

Nature & Environment

Incredible 'silkhenge' filmed in the Amazon

 VIDEO  1-17-2020 | 5

Remarkable silk structures created by an unknown species of spider have been puzzling scientists for years.

Nature & Environment

Man discovers a spider eating his pet goldfish

1-8-2020 | 11

A tour guide in South Africa recently posted up a photograph showing the fate of his prized goldfish Cleo.

World of the Bizarre

Arachnophobe finds a live spider in his ear

10-13-2019 | 15

When Liam Gomez felt a peculiar sensation in his ear, it signalled the beginning of his worst nightmare.

World of the Bizarre

Video shows spider with an alien-like face

7-28-2019 | 9

A woman in China recently came across this strange spider which has what looks like a face on its back.

Nature & Environment

How can sea spiders grow to such huge sizes ?

 VIDEO  4-12-2019 | 3

Scientists have determined how sea creatures living in the depths of the polar oceans become so enormous.

Science & Technology

Real-life T-800 could have spider silk muscles

3-3-2019 | 2

Scientists have discovered that it may be possible to use spider silk to create muscles and actuators for robots.


Prehistoric spider fossils' eyes still glow

2-18-2019 | 6

Fossil spiders discovered in South Korea still have glowing eyes despite being over 110 million years old.

Nature & Environment

World's largest crab filmed emerging from shell

 VIDEO  2-10-2019 | 4

A Japanese spider crab was caught on film at SeaWorld San Diego shedding its shell like a suit of armor.

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