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Astronaut recalls encounter with a UFO

Posted on Tuesday, 4 March, 2014 | Comment icon 302 comments

Chiao aboard the space station. Image Credit: NASA

Space veteran Leroy Chiao has recently opened up about an unusual sighting he had in space in 2005.

The pioneering astronaut had been the commander of the International Space Station during his stay there between October 2004 and April 2005. The UFO experience in question took place during a space walk with Russian cosmonaut Salizhan Sharipov.

The two men had been setting up navigational antennae outside the station when Chiao caught sight of a row of lights whizzing past at more than 17,000 miles an hour. He recalled at the time thinking that it was "awfully strange" however Sharipov failed to see them.

The story has since gained significant interest among UFO believers who have argued over whether or not Chiao had witnessed something otherworldly. Skeptics have countered by suggesting that the lights could have been from a fishing boat on the ocean several hundred miles below.

"I'm skeptical of claims," said Chiao on the subject of extraterrestrial visitation. "I don't rule it out 100 percent. I have an open mind and I do believe there's other life in the universe."

Source: Liberty Voice | Comments (302)

Tags: UFO, Astronaut, Leroy Chiao

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #293 Posted by JimOberg on 14 March, 2014, 1:14
Thanks, Forever formerly-called-cursed-but-hereafter-known-to-me-as-'Blessed'. It's better than that, even -- I have no way to disprove, or reason to doubt, that humanity could be under observation by non-human intelligence[s] who remain as undetectable as THEY prefer. I have plenty of reason to hold the opinion that numerous human groups have exploited public interest in UFOs as camouflage for their own actions, often serendipitously, occasionally on purpose. And the degree of human misinterpretation of some kinds of stimuli is absolutely unbelievable until you have enough well... [More]
Comment icon #294 Posted by quillius on 14 March, 2014, 9:20
What a great post Jim. I think this somehow captures the position of many of us on this subject.
Comment icon #295 Posted by seeder on 14 March, 2014, 16:28
Indeed - I'm with quillius
Comment icon #296 Posted by sinewave on 15 March, 2014, 17:54
Or perhaps they want to see something more than a story told by someone they don't know let alone trust. Is that an unreasonable request?
Comment icon #297 Posted by sinewave on 15 March, 2014, 18:00
You can take your tape to companies that will convert it to a digital format.
Comment icon #298 Posted by Jeepguy2014 on 11 April, 2014, 23:36
Maybe he had some help calculating the speed by having NASA re-play the video in slow motion. You know there has to be a video of this as surly they record anytime the astronauts are outside of the space station.
Comment icon #299 Posted by JimOberg on 12 April, 2014, 4:07
Old American humorist Will Rogers: "It ain't what you don't know what makes you look foolish, it's what you DO know what ain't so." Your comment is a perfect illustration of why so many UFO eager-believers are so easily dismissed as fantasy-prone individuals. More's the pity, we share so many motives and fascinations.
Comment icon #300 Posted by ChrLzs on 12 April, 2014, 5:34
Sadly I didn't see this earlier - I'd love to see that footage. Getting vhs to a digital format like avi or wmv is actually quite easy - anyone who is into that sort of thing can do it, including me - I have a VHS-DVD combo thingy (they're not that expensive, similar to the price you used to pay for a VHS player/recorder (anyone remember those? ). They do a nice job, and if you have a collection of VHS stuff to transfer, probably worth buying - ..
Comment icon #301 Posted by bendigger0 on 12 April, 2014, 18:49
'STAND-DOWN AMERICA' There's "nothing there" say Experts, "phantoms and shadows".
Comment icon #302 Posted by Merc14 on 12 April, 2014, 21:22
Go crazy America, there is always "something there" say "experts".

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