Saturday, May 27, 2017
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Ancient carvings confirm deadly comet strike

Posted on Friday, 21 April, 2017 | Comment icon 837 comments

Some of the stones found at Gobekli Tepe. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Zhengan
Symbols found at Gobekli Tepe seem to confirm that a comet struck the Earth in the year 10,950 B.C.
For years, researchers had suspected that an unexplained reduction in global temperatures during a period known as the Younger Dryas could have been caused by a comet impact - an event that was thought to have wiped out the woolly mammoth while also sparking the beginnings of civilization.

Now a team of experts at the University of Edinburgh believe that they may have found early documented evidence of this event in the form of symbols engraved on ancient stone pillars at Gobekli Tepe - a site in southern Turkey with important historical significance.

Using a computer programme to map how the constellations would have appeared over Turkey at the time the carvings were made, the researchers discovered that the symbols seemed to confirm that a swarm of comet fragments had hit the Earth at the same time the temperature dropped.

It's an idea previously touched upon by Graham Hancock in his book - Magicians of the Gods.

"I think this research, along with the recent finding of a widespread platinum anomaly across the North American continent virtually seal the case in favour of (a Younger Dryas comet impact)," said study leader Dr Martin Sweatman.

"It appears Gobekli Tepe was, among other things, an observatory for monitoring the night sky."

Source: Telegraph | Comments (837)

Tags: Comet, Gobekli Tepe

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #828 Posted by jmccr8 on 29 April, 2017, 23:54
You do realize that the zodiac is not relevant to this site as it can't be confirmed that they had a zodiac as current zodiacs are from more recent times. jmccr8
Comment icon #829 Posted by Noteverythingisaconspiracy on 30 April, 2017, 0:04
So when Captain Risky said he would be leaving this thread he was in fact using what Winston Churchill calleda "terminological inexactitude". Spoiler A lie
Comment icon #830 Posted by Captain Risky on 30 April, 2017, 0:07
Thezodiacis an area of the sky centered upon theecliptic, the apparent path of theSunacross thecelestial sphereover the course of the year. Although the zodiac remains the basis of theecliptic coordinate systemin use inastronomybesides theequatorialone,[3]the term and the names of the twelve signs are today mostly associated withhoroscopic astrology. No body is talking about horoscopic astrology.
Comment icon #831 Posted by back to earth on 30 April, 2017, 0:07
Sorry ..... I had to correct you . (reveal comment )
Comment icon #832 Posted by Captain Risky on 30 April, 2017, 0:10
Over the years i have established that english is not your first language and as such maybe you should reread everything you post about,twice. I have clearly said that i will re enter the thread when i feel it necessary if something new is introduced.
Comment icon #833 Posted by Hanslune on 30 April, 2017, 0:16
Yet you just lied again
Comment icon #834 Posted by jmccr8 on 30 April, 2017, 0:17
Appearently something new came up cuz here you are. You are still imposing modern concepts on a site that has not been proven to have had relevance to the time or the people that constructed GT jmccr8
Comment icon #835 Posted by Hanslune on 30 April, 2017, 0:18
Wasn't this idea already discussed?
Comment icon #836 Posted by jmccr8 on 30 April, 2017, 0:20
Several times and he is still lost in CERN JMCCR8
Comment icon #837 Posted by rashore on 30 April, 2017, 0:22
Thread closed for moderator review.

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