Saturday, November 18, 2017
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Man lost in the outback buries himself in sand

Posted on Monday, 14 August, 2017 | Comment icon 11 comments

Burying yourself in sand is an effective survival technique. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Toby Hudson
Anthony Collis became totally lost in a remote part of Australia during a trip with his girlfriend.
The 32-year-old had been on a journey from Perth to Darwin with his girlfriend Debbie Blomfield when their vehicle became hopelessly stuck in the sand. Following an argument over their situation, the pair decided to go their separate ways through the outback and very quickly became lost.

Fortunately, after walking five miles through the blistering heat, Blomfield happened to come across a remote mining camp and was rescued, however Collis was nowhere to be found.

After a three-day search involving helicopters, planes and four-wheel drives, he was eventually located after search-and-rescue crews discovered some of his clothes and equipment.

Suffering from both sunburn and dehydration, Collis had reportedly survived by eating bugs and flowers and by burying himself in the sand at night to keep himself warm.

He credited TV survival expert Bear Grylls for the techniques he had used to stay alive.

"Thanks to everybody," said Collis' mother Karen. "All of you guys out searching, too many to thank individually but you are our heroes. Everybody in the family will be eternally grateful to you all."

Source: Telegraph | Comments (11)

Tags: Australia

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #2 Posted by EBE Hybrid on 14 August, 2017, 20:39
The couple had clearly never watched a movie involving teenagers, the woods or a theme park owner! Glad the story had a successful outcome though
Comment icon #3 Posted by Calibeliever on 14 August, 2017, 20:54
It's astonishing how many people in horror movies have clearly never watched a horror movie!
Comment icon #4 Posted by Codenwarra on 14 August, 2017, 23:06
Yet another case where people leave a stuck vehicle, these two were lucky to be found alive. Never leave the car, it's bigger than you are and easier to see from a search aircraft.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Nzo on 15 August, 2017, 3:27
I have to remember this if I ever get lost in some desert. What an ingeniuous idea. I wonder how deep you have to go? And I assume all manner of poisonous creature is now crawling near or on you.
Comment icon #6 Posted by pallidin on 15 August, 2017, 15:34
I think he was trying to hide from his girlfriendin case she came back.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Parsec on 15 August, 2017, 19:41
Yeah, that's exactly my thoughts. It did work for him, but I would have my reserves. Maybe because it was only during nighttime and crawlers are usually day creatures?
Comment icon #8 Posted by Buzz_Light_Year on 16 August, 2017, 15:52
Bear Grylls LOL! He's lucky he didn't succumb to the elements. Now Les Hiddens aka "The Bush Tucker Man" would have been a perfect one to emulate.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Codenwarra on 21 August, 2017, 2:10
I would like to see Mr Grylls dumped in some places in Australia and see how long he lasts. The Barkly Tableland near the Queensland, NT border might do. No surface water for 40 km in any direction. The Nullarbor Plain is another good spot.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Hammerclaw on 21 August, 2017, 3:13
I'm glad the Jawas found him instead of the Sand People.
Comment icon #11 Posted by tmcom on 22 August, 2017, 16:19
Especially the one eyed ones!

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