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T. Stokes

England's most haunted place

November 24, 2007 | Comment icon 2 comments

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One of England’s most haunted places, must be the spot known as “Beachy Head “. This is our highest cliff top, which at 535 feet high, overlooks the sea. There have been many deaths here over the years, and St. Wilfred made mention of it being a favourite suicide spot back in the 7th century. Many of those who have walked to the edge, have described an overwhelming feeling of depression and hopelessness coming on with great suddenness, and of a sharp wind trying to push them over the edge. The answer may lie here because psychics have independently reported a black smokey figure of an old monk rushing at them with much force, to carry them over. Sceptic’s have long laughed at the centuries old tales of the cliffs sinister reputation, but the Samaritans take it seriously enough to have their own telephone near the edge for those in need, local churches have a rota of people on a suicide watch, and trenches have been dug to stop drivers going over the top, after a spate of car drivers who would, assisted by “Dutch courage”, drive right over. Its sinister reputation is well known and Witches were said to have held rituals to deter French invaders here in medieval times, and the term Beachy head is said to be from the French word “beauchef” the old word for beautiful headland, and before his death Aleister Crowley who lived nearby was to hold strange demonic rituals as part of Winston Churchill’s wartime “Black team “ of occultists, at a part called the Devils Chimney.

People interested in the paranormal visit from all over the world, its chilling beauty can make it an eerily addictive place in daylight. In 2004 34 people died at the cliff, including a Mrs. Lane, wife of window cleaner Keith Lane, and since then it has been Keith’s mission to make sure no other person goes through the agonies he did, watching his much loved wife become ill with depression, and its tragic end. Every night Keith would walk to the Head, and talk people out of jumping off, and he cut the death toll in half, by saving 30 lives. Criticism from the churchgoers who also patrol the area, has meant Keith has had enough, and has just retired after saving many lives including that of a good friend, Sarah Wilkins.
Thank-you Keith.

T Stokes

Comments (2)

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Comment icon #1 Posted by Madeleine 15 years ago
What a sad story. i think that cliff tops are asscoiated with suicide and thats why people suddenly feel depressed. But having said that i stood on a cliff top in cornwall and the sensation that sudden;ly washes over you is awful and you start thinking things like 3 second fall it was only afterwards that i leaned that cliff had been a suicide spot for 17 people. keep up the work Mr Lane.
Comment icon #2 Posted by macddt 15 years ago
535 feet is a long way down I guess worse case scenario for someone that wants to commit suicide would be not dying and being a paraplegic , a fall from this place would make sure that wouldn't happen.....If only these people could tough it out a little longer they could see life IS worth living and being happy and content is achievable they just need some guidance!

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