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Unexplained Mysteries

Interview: Erling Strand

June 6, 2011 | Comment icon 0 comments

Image Credit: Erling Strand
[!gad]UM forum regular "The L" recently secured an interview with teacher and researcher Erling Strand who heads a long-running project aimed at investigating the mysterious Hessdalen Valley lights in Norway.

1.Is it proven that 95% of Hessdalen phenomena is plasma? Or are we still talking about UFOs? I read that conclusion of the research was that "...its behavior most often unpredictable." And unknown origin.

No, it is not proven that the Hessdalen Phenomena is a plasma, but in many cases it might be a possibility. The many differences of shapes, colors, lifetime, behavior etc. makes us believe there may be different types of phenomena we are studying. There may be several answers to the question: What is it?

You may call it UFO, if you use J.Allen Hynek’s definition. But if you think of spacecrafts, we have very few sightings which indicate such.

2. Is it possible that there will be one more documentary about the Hessdalen phenomena?

There have been a lot of TV programs already: Impossible to know if there will be more. There are also some documentary’s which are not on the list, because they have not been sent on TV, as far as I know.

3. Are there proof that we don’t talk about plasma?

Some of the sightings are difficult to explain as plasma, but many others are easier to explain as plasma. Remember plasma is a state. Other states are frozen (hard), liquid, gas, and then plasma. Which state “something” has, is depending on the temperature. A plasma state is mostly when there is a high temperature. The few times we have had the possibility to get the temperature, there are no indication of high temperature. None have ever indicated heat, even when they have been relative close to the phenomena. We don’t have any burn marks when it has touched the ground. However, we don’t know the temperature of the sightings up in the air,

There are probably several solutions to what the Hessdalen Phenomena are. Look at my answer to your question no.1

4. What about that 5% Hessdalen unsolved case? Is in that percentage just “solid objects” or also plasma with sharp geometric shapes? Do you think that are another phenomena? How can plasma have sharp geometric shape?

100% of the sightings of the Hessdalen Phenomena (HP) are unsolved. It is unsolved even if you find out something about it. It is not solved, even if it should be found to be plasma, or anything else. If it is plasma, the big question is: How can that plasma occur, and live in Hessdalen, Where does the energy come from, etc. When we found possible Scandium in a couple of cases, it is not solved. If you say it is solved when you find Scandium (or any other element) in it, you could say you have found out the solution of a car, when you find there is iron in the car. It is a long way from the element iron, to the car. I hope you understand what I am trying to tell.

5. Ejecting mini balls to even 100 meters. Is plasma able to that? What is reason for that behavior? Also that balls in some cases join together in triangular shape. If plasma why is doing this? Is there any case before Hessdalen that plasma join in triangular shape?

Remember: We have not made any conclusion on what the phenomena are.

6. How is it possible that we capture phenomena on the radar yet it was invisible to our eyes? The light phenomenon often shows strong radar tracks, including when it is optically faint or almost invisible. In some cases in which it is visible, it shows no radar track. Is plasma able to do that? It seems to me that the phenomena have some switch "off" and "on”.

When something is recorded on radar, it tells that it reflect electromagnetic waves. Strong reflections indicate a strong gradient of some kind. It doesn’t need to be a solid object to be captured on radar. Only a strong gradient is needed. For instance a local high ionization, or a high energy Rydberg state.

7.What about that Doppler VLF noise? I heard that others type of plasma can make that sound. Like sprites.

The “possible” Doppler VLF signals are still a mystery. What can move in such a high speed?

8. Can you tell us more about Doppler VLF signals? Any theories ?

It just looked as something transmitting a VLF signals was moving very fast. No theories.

9. After researchers done laser test they felt like in boat. Did you ever measured low-frequency EM-field?

The feeling of “standing in a waving boat” did not occur in connection with the laser test. When such waving feeling came, we had no instruments running, which measured low-frequency EM signals. Such waving feeling, which indicate some influence of the inner ear, can occur when there are strong low-frequency EM signals, or low-frequency sound waves (infra sound)

10. Are there any theories about feeling of “standing in a waving boat”? What can produce low f. EM signals or Infra sound?

No good theories exists.

11. How far did SETV project go in Hessdalen? Is there any new momentum in that direction (possible exogenous probes)?

“Possible exogenous probes”: No, such are speculations, which may be based on some sightings. It is ok to have speculations, but you must never forget it is speculations, which may be wrong. I don’t claim it is wrong, but we don’t have any proves on the existence of such probes.

If the speculations are put forward as facts, the real scientific data can be drowned in the speculations, and people may put everything in the “only speculation” box. That may destroy the facts and the whole field.

12. Are there any signs of intelligence in the Hessdalen phenomena?

The topic of possible intelligence behavior is a difficult topic. One difficulty is how should you define an intelligence behavior? First of all; we have very few happenings which could indicate possible intelligence behavior. Please note the word “possible”. One such happening is the laser test, during the first field work in 1984. We directed a laser to a flashing light. Whenever we did that, the flashing frequency doubled. The power of the laser was too week to claim there was the power from the laser, which influenced on a possible unstable situation. The total power from the He-Ne laser was only 1 mW.

About one week after that, a red spot of light moved around our feet. This light on the snow looked like as if our laser was pointing to the snow. The strong spot of red light moved for some seconds around our feet.

Our second happening could more easily be explained as a more possible natural happening. It was a light standing in the hillside. After one and a half hour it started to move out from the hillside, and stopped in the middle of the valley. It then started to move towards the observers. When they pushed the transmit button on the walkie-talkie, it disappeared.

Other possible intelligence behaviors are on a different label, and cannot be talked about. All together, the amount of possible intelligence behavior are so small, so it does not deserve any further attention.

13. Whats your opinion on cigar shape object sightings?

I have talked to the observers myself. They tell about what the saw. It tells about the big variety of sightings. Probably several different phenomena we are seen.

14. Is there “another dimension hypothesis” or “ET hypothesis” about Hessdalen phenomenan?

There are many different hypothesis, set out by different people. I myself will not put forward any hypothesis before more facts are gathered.

15. What is your opinion. Is it true that Norway army testing new airplanes in Hessdalen valley?

No. There has only been observed ordinary military planes. Some planes have however flown very low in the valley.

16. Is there any other weird, odd things happening in Hessdalen valley besides HP?

Well, all places in the countryside have stories of weird odd things. Not any more in Hessdalen than other places I believe. I should say that I have not studied this, so I cannot say for sure. My saying is only based on talking with the inhabitants

17. What is your plan for the future?

Continue searching for the answers, so we can get to know our universe better.

18. Can you tell us something new about phenomena? Any news? Or can you tell us something interesting. Some new sightings. New theory.

The French GEIPAN are also doing measurements in Hessdalen. Ref:

I hope this cooperation will lead to some important data about the phenomena.

I feel many people have a tendency do make conclusions on too weak data, and also want to put things in a “known box”. For instance: In the early days in Hessdalen, when everybody used the name ufo. I got stories where the witnesses described a light with windows. The “known box” was that people had heard that ufo is a spacecraft, with windows. I wondered how it was possible to see windows on a light, and asked them more about that. It came out that they hadn’t seen any windows on the light, but they have heard that ufo had windows. That is one of the reasons for why we started to call it the Hessdalen Phenomena (HP). People had no pictures in their mind on how the HP looked like. The descriptions become more correct after that. – Even if I have had several daytime observations, where I have seen flying disc etc., I cannot say where these come from. Many say they must come from exo planets. How do they know? Why not another time, another dimension or maybe even more far-fetched. Even if I have had daytime observations, and know such exists, I do not connect that to the HP. It may be completely different things.

It is fun to do speculations, - but it is important to not mix that with real facts.

A speculation: Could it be new natural phenomena? It is a speculation because we do not have any hard facts which underline that.

I would very much like to see people, who are interested in such phenomena, use more of their time in getting data. When we started Project Hessdalen, back in 1983, we had no money and we had to use our holidays. But the most important: We wanted to get data. A strong will, which can drive the train.

If you are pointing your finger to someone and ask: “why don’t they do anything”, remember three fingers are pointing back to yourself.

I do like people are discussing the phenomena. Keep up the work.

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