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Phillip Tilley

Backwards, not forwards

6-23-2012 | 7

In a recent report from the Federal Reserve it was noted that the median U.S. household lost 39% of its wealth from...

Phillip Tilley

Greed and fear

4-18-2012 | 0

Greed and fear are the two most powerful motivating factors that drive humans. Greed is a powerful motivator but f...

Phillip Tilley


3-5-2012 | 13

The Associated Press recently announced the group calling itself “Anonymous” intends to crash the Banks in this...

Phillip Tilley

The tipping point

1-9-2012 | 3

In the movie “Back to School”, Rodney Dangerfield plays a middle aged self made millionaire who decides to atte...

Phillip Tilley

The awakening

11-22-2011 | 4

There has been a lot in the news lately about the occupy Wall Street people calling themselves the 99%. There is a...

Phillip Tilley

A nation in decay

9-19-2011 | 3

My wife recently sent me to the local home improvement show. She said I do not get out enough and the best home im...

Phillip Tilley

The Arkansas shuffle

7-8-2011 | 2

I currently live in the State of Montana. I would live in the state of bliss if I could, I am told it is nice but ...

Phillip Tilley

Very interesting : interest rates

6-10-2011 | 10

My good friend Joe is blind and has been for forty years yet he inspires me with his ability to see what many sight...

Phillip Tilley

For the greater good

4-29-2011 | 6

Whenever there is a cause where some great sacrifice must be made, usually by the people on the bottom of the totem...

Phillip Tilley

Why nobody uses the dollar coin

3-26-2011 | 18

At an outdoor picnic last year I observed a group of wasps trying to drink Pepsi from the straws in the cups. Wasp...

Phillip Tilley

The confidence men

2-17-2011 | 0

During the Depression of the 1930’s America saw a rise in “Confidence Men”. These men talked the talk and be...

Phillip Tilley

How to spot counterfeit currency

1-18-2011 | 4

Most people do not realize it but the Secret Service is not only in charge of protecting the President, they are al...

Phillip Tilley

The Euro must die

12-17-2010 | 12

In August of 2008 I wrote the article in this column titled “2012 and the Economy”. I explained why the curren...

Phillip Tilley

Outlaw compound interest

11-16-2010 | 9

Scientists have recently discovered something that destroys humans but leaves their homes and cars standing. No, i...

Phillip Tilley

Unemployment insurance (not)

10-11-2010 | 1

The term unemployment insurance is really a misnomer. A more accurate term would be layoff insurance and even that...

Phillip Tilley

The 51% minority

9-8-2010 | 5

Well to be honest it is only 50.7% but I have rounded to the nearest whole number to get 51%. If it is good enough...

Phillip Tilley

Raise wages, lower unemployment

8-5-2010 | 20

The Nation is stuck in a recession with a jobless and houseless recovery declared by the President. Just saying it...

Phillip Tilley

Love me tender: legal tender

6-30-2010 | 6

No, I am not talking about that cutie that is barely legal, I am talking about legal tender. Most people do not kn...

Phillip Tilley

The other foreclosure crisis

6-3-2010 | 6

Last month 92,000 homes were seized by Banks in foreclosures. That is a record number for a single month. More th...

Phillip Tilley


5-7-2010 | 1

Quite simply, positioning is when preparedness meets opportunity. A recent episode of CSI said that is the definit...

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