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Woman can sing two notes at the same time

By T.K. Randall
October 7, 2014 · Comment icon 33 comments

Hefele demonstrated the technique in an online video. Image Credit: YouTube / Anna-Maria Hefele
German musician Anna-Maria Hefele possesses the remarkable ability to sing two notes simultaneously.
Known as polyphonic overtone singing, the incredible technique enables a gifted few to offer a singing performance in which two different sets of notes are played at the same time using nothing but the sound of a single person's voice.

As a classically trained singer, Hefele is particularly adept at this technique and has been doing it for several years. A popular video uploaded to her YouTube channel shows her demonstrating this unique talent while explaining a little about how it works.

Source: Telegraph | Comments (33)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #24 Posted by quiXilver 9 years ago
I wonder how it's even possible for one set of vocal cords to vibrate at two different frequencies simultaneously? The sound was annoying. two vocal folds... each resonates at a different frequency as to the sound being annoying, that's more to do with your associated conditioning, being used to tuning of A to 442Hz and western music tradition... spend a bit of time with it and you may discover something not so annoying... or maybe not. For me, when I chant and sing in this way, it induces a very deep calm state. Otherwise known as bliss.
Comment icon #25 Posted by maximusnow 9 years ago
My kids did this when they were little, thanks to a little boogie in their nose.
Comment icon #26 Posted by _Only 9 years ago
I want to hear her do the last part of the Hotel California solo: (part at 5:38) or the last part of Fade To Black: (part at 5:05) [media=]
Comment icon #27 Posted by acute 9 years ago
A little creepy, especially being in black and white. But she has very nice, umm...( • ) ( • )'s Nice personalities?
Comment icon #28 Posted by Kiltedmusician 9 years ago
Your voice already contains high harmonics. Overtone singers know how to separate the low and high and make the higher harmonic louder. I have taught my wife and a couple other people how to make a simple overtone. There's no "extra folds" in the vocal cords or anything else like that involved. Say "really". Say it slowly and keep your voice monotone and listen to how you still hear another pitch rising and lowering. In "Re" you hear the pitch rise. In "a" it comes down. It mostly quiets down during the "lly". Now say it powerfully, loudly, super slow, and at a higher pitch than you normally s... [More]
Comment icon #29 Posted by quiXilver 9 years ago
We have two vocal folds, they are not cords. Each one can resonate at its own frequency depending on how the muscles tense and flex them.
Comment icon #30 Posted by Sundew 9 years ago
I wonder how it's even possible for one set of vocal cords to vibrate at two different frequencies simultaneously? The sound was annoying. Kind of reminds me of a flanger for guitar effects. Maybe she should try out for a rock band.
Comment icon #31 Posted by legadema 9 years ago
there are few persons who really blessed and such talented. what a nice one she has.
Comment icon #32 Posted by EthericOne 9 years ago
How is this any different than Tibetan Throat singing? Yeah, she is so special. o.O
Comment icon #33 Posted by TigerGhost 9 years ago
Well I can whistle and hum at the same time

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