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Science & Technology

Ultra strong, lightweight material developed

January 10, 2017 | Comment icon 7 comments

A 3D printed example of the new material's geometric configuration. Image Credit: Melanie Gonick / MIT
A team of researchers at MIT have designed a new super-strong and lightweight 3D form of graphene.
The two-dimensional form of graphene is widely considered to be one of the strongest materials known to science, but turning it in to a strong and lightweight three-dimensional material has long proven to be a challenge.

Now though, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology may have finally found the answer in the form of a new sponge-like material that possesses ten times the strength of steel despite being only five percent as dense.
Crucially however its strength appears to have more to do with its unique geometric configuration than the material from which it is made, meaning that it may also be possible to create other strong and lightweight materials without even having to use graphene.

The research, which was published in the journal Science Advances, is outlined in the video below.

Source: MIT | Comments (7)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by badeskov 6 years ago
Very promising! Graphene seems to be of many uses.† Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #2 Posted by herbygant 6 years ago
Comment icon #3 Posted by Parsec 6 years ago
Indeed. It's a shame that after all these years of discoveries and fabulous applications, for its commercial use I'm still stuck with only my pencil.
Comment icon #4 Posted by badeskov 6 years ago
True† Cheers, Badeskov †
Comment icon #5 Posted by brlesq1 6 years ago
Imagine what we could build out of that.
Comment icon #6 Posted by freetoroam 6 years ago
Maybe they can make carrier bags out of it, those †bags for life are not lasting as long as I expected, I was hoping they would out live me, and so far, none have.
Comment icon #7 Posted by NightScreams 6 years ago
How light exactly? They didn't say.

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