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Cuba 'sonic weapon' audio recording released

By T.K. Randall
October 14, 2017 · Comment icon 12 comments

The US recently expelled Cuban diplomats over the attacks. Image Credit: U.S. Department of State
A clip of the high-pitched sound that US diplomats have been hearing in Cuba has been uploaded online.
The phenomenon, which has targeted embassy personnel in Havana and sparked a breakdown of international relations between Cuba and the United States, was first made public in August.

Thought to involve the use of sonic weapons, the attacks have been directly targeting the hotel rooms of US diplomats and have induced a range of symptoms that include hearing loss, dizziness, balance problems, visual complaints, headache, fatigue, cognitive issues and difficulty sleeping.

Now for the first time, an actual audio recording of the ear-splitting, high-pitched noise that the victims have been subjected to has been uploaded on to YouTube.
When played through regular speakers at normal volume the audio is completely harmless, but during the attacks themselves the victims would have been blasted with these sounds at extreme volume.

According to reports, the recording consists of around 20 different frequencies blended together.

While the US State Department has not confirmed whether or not the clip is authentic, it has suggested that the Cuban government knows more about the mystery than it is letting on.

"We believe that the Cuban government could stop the attacks on our diplomats," said White House chief of staff John Kelly.

Source: AP News | Comments (12)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by Paulywally 7 years ago
Why I am so nervous about listening to this recording?
Comment icon #4 Posted by Farmer77 7 years ago
I was too and while Im sure it was psychosomatic the sound made me feel weird. 
Comment icon #5 Posted by ouija ouija 7 years ago
No need to be, it only lasts 6 seconds! It's sort of tinkly.
Comment icon #6 Posted by 3.0 7 years ago
This is a trick post? To see who listens to the sound?
Comment icon #7 Posted by highdesert50 7 years ago
We are hearing a recording that has been optimized for our human hearing range of about 20Hz-20kHz by computer hardware and software and not necessarily what may have occurred on site. We may even be, for example, hearing submultiples of the fundamental driving frequency. Further, the amplitudes, or intensity, of the sound or sounds may not be accurately represented in the recording. More definitive might have been using a trusted instrument having both more sensitive hearing and a far greater frequency response, a pet cat.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Sir Smoke aLot 7 years ago
If i got this right, Castro made Cuba into worlds leader when it comes to things like this. Multi billion researches of worlds best scientists in USA or EU and even Russia or China, they could not manage to manipulate frequencies like Cubans did. It's a shame  Where did the money go!  
Comment icon #9 Posted by paperdyer 7 years ago
Considering I had to turn my laptop volume up all the way, how low was the original recording?  It does sound like a squeal from a bad cable connection, but higher.  Nothing I'd like to hear more of.
Comment icon #10 Posted by Dhem 7 years ago
I stumbled upon this thread while doing some unrelated research. The sound intrigued me enough to download it and take a look at the spectrogram. Here's the overall view of the left channel:
Comment icon #11 Posted by Dhem 7 years ago
Next I was going to add the zoomed in area of interest from 6kHz to 8kHz, but: "You are only allowed to upload 245.76kb." lol, guess not.
Comment icon #12 Posted by bison 7 years ago
The article refers to this as a 'high pitched' sound, but a low frequency droning is also apparent. It's rather like the sound bees make with  the beating of their wings. At high enough volume,  this sound could very well be irritating, to the point of depriving someone of sleep. Many of the other symptoms described could ensue from that insomnia, if it kept up for a long enough period of time, say days, or weeks. Why this sound should have been directed at American diplomats in Cuba is not clear.  The Cuban government has desired to re-establish diplomatic relations with the United St... [More]

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