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Babies born on Mars may be new subspecies

By T.K. Randall
June 1, 2018 · Comment icon 23 comments

What would life be like for someone born on Mars ? Image Credit: NASA
Children born to parents living in a colony on Mars will be the very definition of the word 'Martian'.
In a recent study, scientists looked at the biological, social and ethical challenges of conceiving and giving birth on another planet - something that will inevitably occur in the not-too-distant future.

"We assume that human reproduction in a Mars settlement will be necessary for the long-term success of an outer space mission," the study authors wrote.

"The central issues are how a Martian colony should maintain a balance between reproductive rights and the need for reproduction in the inhospitable Martian environment."
In addition to the dangers of being away from the Earth's protective atmosphere, a child born on Mars would also need to adapt to the Red Planet's lower gravitational pull, making them physically weaker.

There are also concerns that children born on other worlds could suffer from a range of health problems due to continuous exposure to harmful radiation both before and after being born.

Ultimately, genuine 'Martians' may even be classed as a whole new human subspecies.

Source: Tech Times | Comments (23)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #14 Posted by keithisco 6 years ago
No, being born on another planet, but under the Aegis of, for arguments sake, the United Kingdom, then they would de facto be "fully-fledged" British endowed with the same rights and responsibilities
Comment icon #15 Posted by Dejarma 6 years ago
oh, right- well you learn something new every day
Comment icon #16 Posted by Phaeton80 6 years ago
Wouldnt that imply people living at great hights in the Andes, or (aquatic) people who live on and off the sea are a sub species as well?    
Comment icon #17 Posted by Jon the frog 6 years ago
Some people argue that a lot of species of the Homo genus found could be just geographic and time variation of the same species and they would inbreed has a single species. Some difference are so small that if an anthropologist would have found a skeleton from an asiatic, african, north european, south american and arctic people dated more than 250000 old.... they could probably some in different species because of morphology differences. The frontier of subspecies and species are subtle if you don't have them alive side by side. Sometimes you can be baffled with what can inbreed and give... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by pallidin 6 years ago
Location is Everything. If a human baby were wholly conceived and born on Mars (not in transit), they would be a "Martian" with earth parents. This would be especially true if those conceived and born on Mars conceived and further gave birth wholly on Mars. 2nd generation. They would be Martians, 100%. Since no intelligent life has yet been found on Mars, that distinction is in no way out-of-order.
Comment icon #19 Posted by pallidin 6 years ago
But before this, we must have "Moonies"
Comment icon #20 Posted by Astra. 6 years ago
Unfortunately, either are some countries on earth. 
Comment icon #21 Posted by paperdyer 6 years ago
Then your  children would be Lunatics?
Comment icon #22 Posted by paperdyer 6 years ago
Good call Pallidin. The writer of this article must watch SyFy's Expanse.
Comment icon #23 Posted by DanL 6 years ago
A child born and raised on Mars would probably be unable to adapt to living on Earth. Spending their childhoods in a gravity that is a third what we have on Earth would probably never develop the bones structure you would need to come here. Children born and raised on the moon would be even worse off since their bones developed in a gravity one sixth Earths.  The advantage they would have though is by not living at the bottom of our massive gravity well they would be easily able to move into space. It took a Saturn 5 rocket to get off the Earth to go to the moon but the little lunar lander to... [More]

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