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Germany has no plan in the event of ET contact

By T.K. Randall
August 19, 2018 · Comment icon 124 comments

Have we already been visited ? Image Credit: Alpharetta Department of Public Safety / Facebook
The German government has 'no plans or protocol' to deal with the possibility of contact with extraterrestrials.
It might be an unlikely scenario, but if a delegation from another world did happen to arrive at our planet with the intention of establishing contact with us, how would world governments respond ?

According to a recent report, one country that doesn't seem to be prepared is Germany.

In response to a recent query on the matter, the Ministry of Economics noted that such an event was "extremely unlikely according to current scientific knowledge" and stated that "concrete cases that could have been the subject of bilateral or multilateral talks with other states are not known."
While it remains unclear exactly how different countries would react to such an event, there is evidence to suggest that mankind as a whole may actually be quite happy about it.

In a recent study presented by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, it was determined that around half of all Americans and Western Europeans believed that Earth had already been visited by extraterrestrials.

"If we came face-to-face with life outside of Earth, we would actually be pretty upbeat about it," said study author Michael Varnum of Arizona State University.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #115 Posted by Golden Duck 4 years ago
Comment icon #116 Posted by Occams Razor 4 years ago
Maybe... maybe not. As far as we know none of the extra solar planets discovered so far have any of the really useful features that we have here on Earth.†
Comment icon #117 Posted by Occams Razor 4 years ago
Obviously if they want the planet they will require very similar conditions to us. That doesn't mean all alien species would of course, but the ones that do may well†be interested in the Earth.
Comment icon #118 Posted by Occams Razor 4 years ago
Er, hello, anyone home. If they were interested in our planet they would require similar conditions to us. It would be far easier to neutralize us with a fast acting bio-weapon from space without us ever knowing anything about it, let alone firing nuclear weapons at them, than custom build an environment somewhere else.
Comment icon #119 Posted by Occams Razor 4 years ago
Comment icon #120 Posted by Astra. 4 years ago
Much more to explore then.
Comment icon #121 Posted by Rlyeh 4 years ago
The best plan †
Comment icon #122 Posted by psyche101 4 years ago
Why would they go for earth and not the asteroid belt?†
Comment icon #123 Posted by Black Monk 4 years ago
They may not have any features that are useful only to life as we know it.
Comment icon #124 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 4 years ago
Well, it could be earth, of course. But if there are nearly a trillion planets in this galaxy to mine, how long would it be before it would be earth's turn? I agree with another poster. Getting minerals/ores from an asteroid is easier. In the end, I'm not losing sleep over it.

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