Friday, April 26, 2019
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Couple terrified by UFO encounter in Auckland

Posted on Sunday, 7 April, 2019 | Comment icon 38 comments

What were the strange lights ? Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
A woman who had been enjoying a trip to the beach with her boyfriend reported a rather strange UFO experience.
The incident occurred on Karekare Beach, Auckland on Sunday, March 31st.

"We were on the beach, my boyfriend and I, and saw two bright orange/red lights far on the other end of the beach," the woman wrote on Reddit. "In a matter of seconds, one of the lights started moving at full speed, in a straight line, no more that 200m above the water until [it was] directly in front of us."

"The UFO had changed from having a red light to a bright white light... shining directly at us. We presumed that it was a helicopter with a spotlight, but there was no sound at all coming from it."

"After about 2 minutes (or what I think, we could not tell time at this point) it moved away very quickly, flying incredibly fast and with perfect precision, until disappearing behind a mountain."

The second object moved in a similar fashion before also disappearing in to the distance. Little did the couple know however that this would not be the end of their close encounter.

"We were lying down looking at the stars for a while and then stood up to leave, before realizing there were five [objects] surrounding us in different areas of the beach," the woman wrote.

"One of them was flying up and down and another from side to side. The others were just still switching between red and white spotlights."

"This was when we decided to leave, scared ****less."

As things stand, the exact nature of what they encountered that night still remains a total mystery.

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Tags: UFO, New Zealand

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #29 Posted by Habitat on 15 April, 2019, 13:51
I think I can still live with myself, finding that out, maybe ?
Comment icon #30 Posted by DanL on 15 April, 2019, 19:33
I LOVE it. The ney sayers can't even take the time to actually READ my statement before they start saying NO WAY!!! I was pretty specific that there were TWO military planes up that night. I never inferred that the strange light was burning afterburners. Video is generally a digital thing. In the 70s it was tape and most people didn't have or carry that sort of equipment around also let's be real if that is possible. WHAT would a picture of a bright light prove or disprove. There are hundreds of pictures and video of the lights that passed over Phoenix Arizona is a V-shaped formation and what ... [More]
Comment icon #31 Posted by the13bats on 15 April, 2019, 20:18
seems you do the very things you accuse others of doing, so take your fingers out of your ears, did you not read where i have asked if you looked into collaborating reports of your alleged accounts did you answer that question? no, you went on some trollish tantrum rant trying to say people who dont believe anecdotes with lots of holes are scared or something, i cant speak for anyone except myself but stories like yours do not scare me, i get curious about details if like in this case my questions are met with misplaced anger the story teller looses most if not all credibilty, i have to wonder... [More]
Comment icon #32 Posted by ChrLzs on 15 April, 2019, 21:45
Hey, DanL, why not QUOTE what people take the time to type?  Then you'll have to realise why your story does not make sense... oh wait - THAT's why. I'm out, this was a huge waste of time.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Golden Duck on 15 April, 2019, 22:27
No one is afraid. 
Comment icon #34 Posted by the13bats on 15 April, 2019, 23:05
well, not entirely true, danl gives me the impression hes afraid, very afraid.
Comment icon #35 Posted by DanL on 17 April, 2019, 2:14
It SUCKS when people do to bullies what bullies do to them doesn't it?? Why would anybody post about an experience or anything that they have seen here? Honest open discussion isn't allowed by the whining naysayers that immediately are going to call you a liar.  Try to awaken your three brain cells for a moment. If I was going to make up a story about seeing some sort of bizarre alien craft don't you think that I could do better than a bright light moving through the sky?  I am a writer and have a massively wild imagination. I could have quite easily gone to google and found a sighting that wa... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by the13bats on 17 April, 2019, 2:40
long yet empty, yeah, if i saw big weird experience i would know the date, most people would, i would think a writer would. as a writer you know how important research is. when you are done playing abused bullied victim and want to have an Honest open discussion and answer my question, "have you researched your accounts for any collaboration?", let us know, if the answer is no you havent while i will find that very odd i will expect that, if you did research and came up zip, admit it, that too i will accept, but please no more drama.  
Comment icon #37 Posted by stereologist on 17 April, 2019, 3:39
I've posted stories here. I don't commentary personal. I also don't make any extraordinary claims about what I saw. I also tell me I can't be sure what I saw. Some people want to claim superhuman powers. One poster here wants to pretend they have a nervous system that operators nearly 100 times faster than a human's nervous system. I don't take them seriously. When I try to point out the error they are making they get all p***y about it. Guess that is what superheroes do.
Comment icon #38 Posted by Golden Duck on 17 April, 2019, 7:52

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