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Tesla promises fully autonomous cars by 2020

By T.K. Randall
April 23, 2019 · Comment icon 13 comments

Would you allow your car to drive on its own ? Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Steve Jurvetson
The automotive and technology firm has revealed its plans for self-driving vehicles and automated taxis.
Tesla's cars, which are already fitted with a rudimentary form of autonomy thanks to a complex array of cameras, sensors and computer chips, are undoubtedly impressive, but taking things to the next level - the so-called 'level 5 autonomy' - is a goal that has so far failed to materialize.

Now though, Elon Musk and other senior figures from the company have revealed plans to do the seemingly impossible by implementing full autonomy in Tesla's cars by the end of next year.

According to the firm, the computer system responsible for controlling the vehicle will be capable of continuing even if one part of it fails - ensuring that accidents due to component failures are avoided.
Musk has also outlined plans for privately owned Teslas to be recruited in to a robo-taxi service that would enable the owner to effectively earn money without having to do anything.

But just how good is this self-driving technology and can it be completely trusted ?

It remains unclear how the cars will deal with problems such as cyclists swerving in front of them, road works with manual traffic signals or children unexpectedly running out on to the road.

If the technology goes live too soon and an accident occurs, it could set the company back years.

Source: Extreme Tech | Comments (13)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #4 Posted by bivy 5 years ago
No thanks
Comment icon #5 Posted by Rolltide 5 years ago
I work less than a mile from the factory, actually use to work there back in the day when it was NUMMI (joint venture between Toyota and GM). We produced a car off the line every minute back then. Any way, with thousands of Tesla's in this region along with nearly 24/7 traffic, this will be interesting to see once implemented..
Comment icon #6 Posted by Calibeliever 5 years ago
"It remains unclear how the cars will deal with problems such as cyclists swerving in front of them, road works with manual traffic signals or children unexpectedly running out on to the road." To be fair, most humans don't do all that well with these things either.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Trelane 5 years ago
Tesla should be realistic on some of its projected dates. They have vast and virtually empty factory in Buffalo, NY they can't seem to get off the ground to start full scale production of its solar tiles and other components. I applaud the innovative thinking but some timelines are just not realistic.
Comment icon #8 Posted by tmcom 5 years ago
A few planes crash becuase of falty sensors, but we bravely walk into the future, (bravely being the key word)!
Comment icon #9 Posted by marsman 5 years ago
i enjoy driving....being in control... 2020 is next year.....i dont see any rush or desire for people to go driver-less..this idea is a silly one..... a bit like trying to sell phone-less cords or bra-less straps    
Comment icon #10 Posted by Vlad the Mighty 5 years ago
Certainly a Tesla electric car with no one in it would be by far the safest. At least hopefully no one would be killed when they burst into flames. 
Comment icon #11 Posted by alexbodman2 5 years ago
Does that same as self-driving cars?
Comment icon #12 Posted by aztek 5 years ago
they may get it done technically, but legally it will be decades before laws adjust.    cars may be able to drive themselves, but you will still be as responsible as any other driver, if any driver who gets pulled over says the car drove itself, that means they were not in control, that is an easy reckless driving ticket, or more. 
Comment icon #13 Posted by EnderOTD 5 years ago
Nope, hopefully their plans don’t go up in smoke  Me thinks the Chinese government is working hard to put them under.

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