Friday, August 23, 2019
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Report ranks states based on UFO sightings

Posted on Saturday, 29 June, 2019 | Comment icon 19 comments

UFO sightings are still being reported across the United States. Image Credit: CC BY 2.0 Gerhard Uhlhorn
The National UFO Reporting Center has received countless reports of UFOs in its 45 years of operation.
With World UFO Day coming up on July 2nd, researchers have put together a list of the states that have seen the most (and fewest) sightings this year so far.

The list, which is compiled from the NUFORC's database of more than 2,000 sightings, is as follows:

Most sightings:
  1. Washington
  2. Montana
  3. Vermont
  4. Alaska
  5. Maine
Fewest sightings:
  1. Texas
  2. Louisiana
  3. Georgia
  4. Mississippi
  5. Alabama
Although it only ranks 4th this year, Alaska is home to the highest all-time number of sightings.

Conversely, despite being home to Area 51, Nevada didn't even make it in to the top 10.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #10 Posted by Desertrat56 on 1 July, 2019, 20:53
I'm surprised New Mexico isn't in the top 5.  Almost everyone has seen something but I guess because of all the military reservations people don't report it, just assume it is military experiments.  Or maybe it is just ho-hum.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Desertrat56 on 1 July, 2019, 20:54
People in the south spend a lot of times outdoors.  They have so much humidity they think sky blue is what everyone else calls grey and they are usually in the woods hunting.
Comment icon #12 Posted by cerberusxp on 6 July, 2019, 11:30
I live in Washington and I have only seen two. One I have observed twice in the same place for more than 4 hours each time. It hovered stationary in that same spot on the same date during the same hours two years in a row. I was able to get within 300' to 350' from it. Could not see the craft itself only the plasma field around it. An ultra violate with electric blue in the center that undulated where the colors met. Top of Mt Spokane,WA.. The other person that was working with me (different person each year) could not see it. It would be as if it was blocked from their mind, they also had an ... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by fred_mc on 6 July, 2019, 12:00
Yes, aliens probably like cold weather better, the reason why they have so big eyes is probably that the light from their star is pretty weak on their home planet, and weak light would give less heat.
Comment icon #14 Posted by the13bats on 6 July, 2019, 13:42
Comment icon #15 Posted by AllPossible on 6 July, 2019, 15:18
Idk if your trolling me or not but I'm referring to aircraft in general run better in colder areas. Commercial planes & military jets are 7+ miles up.
Comment icon #16 Posted by the13bats on 6 July, 2019, 15:27
cars do too up to a point, i run and old school cold air box on my antique
Comment icon #17 Posted by Piney on 6 July, 2019, 15:54
My 289  stang needed a cool can. 
Comment icon #18 Posted by DieChecker on 7 July, 2019, 8:42
I noticed that too. Weird. Probably means the cows down South are safer then the ones up North. Maybe the people up north are funner to probe?
Comment icon #19 Posted by Minimalists on 7 July, 2019, 11:17
Well if you have been on television more than 5 times describing what the UFO looked like you might be a redneck.If anyone can tell you what a UFO looks like it's a redneck because we have probably took a shot at least one in our life....

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