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What did people think about aliens in the '60s ?

By T.K. Randall
August 18, 2019 · Comment icon 15 comments

Times certainly have changed. Image Credit: YouTube / ABC News (Australia)
Amusing archive footage has highlighted how attitudes on the topic of alien life have changed over the years.
The video, which features an Australian ABC News 'Four Corners' segment from 1962, shows presenter Ray Taylor asking Sydney residents the question - "is there life on other planets ?"

The responses ranged from "I wouldn't have a notion" - to - "definitely, I've seen a flying saucer."

One woman responded "no I hope not", before adding - "they would be frozen to death."

Taylor also asked a man "what sort of life do you see up there ?", to which he replied - "vegetable."

You can watch the full video for yourself below.

Source: YouTube / ABC News | Comments (15)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #6 Posted by spartan max2 4 years ago
These responses are great haha
Comment icon #7 Posted by highdesert50 4 years ago
Certainly there were wars and rumors of wars. Yet, there was a keen sense of optimism and commitment to the sciences that propelled that generation to landing humans on the Moon several years later. We may laugh at some of their remarks as perhaps naive. But, where are we now by comparison?
Comment icon #8 Posted by Manwon Lender 4 years ago
I don't think things have changed much at all. I think most people if confronted with a†real Alien they would lose it. JIMO
Comment icon #9 Posted by MissJatti 4 years ago
It's funny how people run away from the topic, it seems like they rather not talk about it in thoese days
Comment icon #10 Posted by micky 32 4 years ago
The photo's of UFO's have changed since the 60's though. The photo's of hubcaps that were thrown in the air were nice, big and shiney that were off cars/trucks in the 60's.
Comment icon #11 Posted by rashore 4 years ago
I found the footage entertaining in the same way. Seemed like most folks hadn't or didn't want to chat about it on the spot. I rather got the impression they had other things to do. But the guy that did say he had an experience, that was good. He kept seeming to look at the other guy initially in the filming and off camera during the time the guy was speaking of his experience. And the gal that wanted to be the first woman in space because why not other life on other planets? That's a whole different thing now.
Comment icon #12 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 4 years ago
Sure, *if* they knew it was an alien entity. But we don't know what they look like.† And caricatures of Alien greys are not evidence of a damn thing.†
Comment icon #13 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps 4 years ago
I noticed that, too. But I got the feeling it wasn't the topic necessarily, it may be that Ozzies were just too busy and structured in their life to take time out to talk to some interviewer. Even the guy that says he saw a UFO was not thrilled to be talking about it, so it seemed.
Comment icon #14 Posted by Golden Duck 4 years ago
Alright, I'll be the first Aussie to comment in this thread. The "six o'clock swill" was in place in Australia up until 1967.† That is, pubs closed at 6:00 pm. There is an address for Maurice Chester The Jeweller at 38a Darlinghurst Road Kings Cross.† Which is across the road from a what is now the Potts Point Hotel at 33 Darlinghurst Road. I'm guessing the interviewer is asking about life on other planets, outside a pub on a Friday afternoon.
Comment icon #15 Posted by the13bats 4 years ago
The 60s seemed to me to be a bit of a simmering or down right cooling of the tassle giant rock conventions of 100s if not over 1000 folks all claiming to have gone for rides in flying saucers piloted by good looking humans who wanted the best for mankind, the 60s had the new and very real threat of nuclear war so while a few kept up with delusional fantasies of taking rides with aliens most were too preoccupied with the wars and how bad would it get.

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