Tuesday, October 22, 2019
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'To the Stars' confirms it has 'UFO material'

Posted on Thursday, 3 October, 2019 | Comment icon 50 comments

An image of the supposed 'metamaterial'. Image Credit: Twitter / To The stars Academy
A spokesperson for Tom Delonge's controversial UFO organization has commented on its recent acquisition.
Back in July, Steve Justice - chief operating officer of the 'To the Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences' - revealed that the organization had been working to "independently prove" the exotic properties and attributes of UFO "matamaterials" that it had somehow gained possession of.

"#TTSA has acquired multiple pieces of metamaterials that are reported to have come from an advanced #aerospace vehicle of unknown origin," the group wrote. "We're enthusiastic about its potential use and how it can further our mission for discovery and innovation."

Now in an interview with The New York Times, a spokesperson for the group has confirmed that the organization has possession of what it calls "exotic material samples from UFOs."
"What we have been doing is trying to find the most qualified individuals at the most respectable institutions to conduct scientific analysis," said Luis Elizondo, the academy's Director of Global Security and Special Programs.

"That scientific analysis includes physical analysis, it includes molecular and chemical analysis and ultimately it includes nuclear analysis."

"The last thing we want to do is jump to any conclusions, prematurely. Ultimately, the data is going to decide what something is or what something isn't."

Source: Science Alert | Comments (50)

Tags: UFO, Tom DeLonge

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #41 Posted by Hazzard on 5 October, 2019, 9:25
In my experience, that seems to be the inevitable conclusion to all these exotic alien material claims. The only thing that really happens is that the snakeoil salesmen get money from the gullible.
Comment icon #42 Posted by stereologist on 5 October, 2019, 13:18
Two years ago Delonge was claiming that the metal loses weight when bombarded with EM. He claims it loses mass he claims when irradiated with high frequency EM. Sounds to me more like a current is induced in the object and it creates a magnetic field that causes it to move. In that same interview he claimed they had implants as well as pieces of metal. He claims that two years ago that the materials had already been analyzed. So what is with the wait?
Comment icon #43 Posted by bison on 5 October, 2019, 18:05
I would, of course, expect to see an authenticated chain-of-custody accounting of any specimen claimed to be evidence of extraterrestrial intelligence. I seriously doubt the sort of elaborate hoax scenario proposed, which is, in effect, a conspiracy theory, but a valid chain-of-custody record should rule that out. 
Comment icon #44 Posted by Earl.Of.Trumps on 5 October, 2019, 19:05
Chain of custody?  Bison, we have very little chance to ever see that. I don't believe that Delonge ever even said this alloy specimen is from the military (DOD). Who knows what he will say when more about this alloy is made public? 
Comment icon #45 Posted by bmk1245 on 5 October, 2019, 19:27
Where's Big D when needed...
Comment icon #46 Posted by stereologist on 6 October, 2019, 4:08
Delonge has made many statements about this metal. He has been talking about the metal for 2 years now.
Comment icon #47 Posted by stereologist on 6 October, 2019, 4:10
There is a discussion of UFOs in this article which suggests that the study of UFOs is really related to the level of technology available or envisioned by the people at that time. Notice that this is 2018, over a year ago. The claims of having odd metals is old. It seems that the analysis report is taking a long time. Is it a dud or is there something of interest? https://mysteriousuniverse.org/2018/08/delonges-ufo-team-studying-alien-metal/  
Comment icon #48 Posted by stereologist on 6 October, 2019, 4:10
As more exotic materials go into consumer products this UFO search has moved onto meta materials. Most people have no idea what that means but it sounds impressive. It is just another step in this moving of the goal posts by UFO believers as they desperately search for anything to pin their hopes on.
Comment icon #49 Posted by cerberusxp on 13 October, 2019, 8:46
Beware of this guy! He is Illuminati!
Comment icon #50 Posted by ChrLzs on 13 October, 2019, 21:08
You define the term ad hominem.  Thanks for the perfect example.

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