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Mystery lights appear then vanish in new video

By T.K. Randall
April 5, 2020 · Comment icon 12 comments

What are these three lights ? Image Credit: YouTube / Twine
Video footage captured in South Korea shows the moment a strange string of lights appeared in the sky.
Uploaded on March 24th, this intriguing video clip was recorded by YouTube user 'Twine' while they were driving home from work after dark last month.

At around the 30-second mark, a bright light suddenly appears in the sky, followed by two more that appear one at a time in sequence, forming a distinct line.

Within seconds however, all three of them appear to have faded away.
The clip, which has been picked up by several news sites and UFO channels, has generated some heated debate with social media users speculating over what the lights could have been.

While some remain adamant that the footage shows an advanced form of aircraft, others have expressed doubts - instead suggesting that the lights could have been signal flares.

Other possible explanations include aerial drones, airplane lights or even a deliberate hoax.

You can check out the footage for yourself below.

Source: YouTube | Comments (12)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #3 Posted by MissJatti 4 years ago
I'm Guessing an Satellite 
Comment icon #4 Posted by toast 4 years ago
From 00:32 on there is a star visible on the right edge of the screen, the star appears as a single dot during its visibility so I would exclude the option of a reflection effect of the object.
Comment icon #5 Posted by Hammerclaw 4 years ago
I wouldn't, with two pieces of glass in play, the windshield and the lens. With so many potential light sources to reflect and refract, the motion of the vehicle, the brief illusory nature of the fleeting image seems apparent. I drive home from work every night with a dash cam on record sometimes. I see nothing out of the ordinary here.
Comment icon #6 Posted by NCC1701 4 years ago
Yep, looks like flares.
Comment icon #7 Posted by Calibeliever 4 years ago
I third that it's flares.
Comment icon #8 Posted by Bendy Demon 4 years ago
I seen something similar a week ago when I was driving to work except it was two lights, smallish, spaced far apart and they appeared like regular stars. They were faint at first, one slowly came into view, then the other then after a few seconds one started to fade then the other. Neither moved nor changed altitude or alignment..kinda cool and odd.
Comment icon #9 Posted by Dejarma 4 years ago
oh no, more bloody aliens
Comment icon #10 Posted by Bendy Demon 4 years ago
Of course the video could be a hoax too. I'm not sure flares turn on abruptly as if someone flipped a light switch.
Comment icon #11 Posted by TheBibleProphecy 4 years ago
I believe aliens are really angels it speaks of in the bible
Comment icon #12 Posted by toast 4 years ago

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