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Ridley Scott hints at third 'Alien' prequel movie

By T.K. Randall
June 6, 2020 · Comment icon 6 comments

The movie could explore the origins of the Xenomorphs. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Gabygaiffe
The creator of the original science-fiction horror classic 'Alien' is planning to make another entry in the series.
Released in 1979, the original 'Alien' is often considered to be one of the greatest science-fiction movies of all time - a space-themed horror masterpiece unlike anything that came before it.

While the movie spawned several sequels, none of them were directed by Scott himself.

It wasn't until the 2012 prequel Prometheus that he once again sat in the director's chair, followed not long afterwards by another prequel - Alien: Covenant - that was released in 2017.
Now 82, Scott has shown no signs of retiring and has been working on several new projects, including, it seems, plans for a third prequel movie.

Speaking recently to LA Times, he noted that this new movie would be more likely to be a Xenomorph origin story than a direct continuation of any of the other entries in the franchise.

"I still think there's a lot of mileage in Alien, but I think you'll have to now re-evolve," he said.

"What I always thought when I was making the first one [was], 'Why would a creature like this be made and why was it travelling in - what I always thought was - a kind of war-craft, which was carrying a cargo of these eggs? What was the purpose of the vehicle and what was the purpose of the eggs?"

"That's the thing to question - who, why, and for what purpose is the next idea, I think."

Source: Digital Spy | Comments (6)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #1 Posted by Trelane 4 years ago
Covenant bungled the story. Now the existence of the xeno makes no sense in the context of the original film. Not sure if I want to see another sloppy reboot with flute playing androids.
Comment icon #2 Posted by Glacknor 4 years ago
This shouldn't be a surprise, he said there's three coming when Prometheus was in the works. And again, when people brought up questions from Prometheus, he said they'll be answered in the next 2 films. IMO, the studio screwed him, they wouldn't let him do it all his way. Ironically, I think if they just let Ridley be in control and except what he gives them, it'd do way better, both in terms of the franchise and revenue. I'm actually kinda hoping they'll somehow distance Covenant from the story line and pick up right where Prometheus left off. Though, I haven't watched it a while and can't re... [More]
Comment icon #3 Posted by DreadLordAvatar 4 years ago
Can’t wait.  Hope it continues from covenant. Fassbender is absolutely spectacular.
Comment icon #4 Posted by Bed of chaos 4 years ago
He's a great actor and always outsmarting the crew! I'd bet third installment will be his characters downfall.
Comment icon #5 Posted by tmcom 4 years ago
Groan and l thought that Matrix 4 was enough,....but an alien talking head never gets boring thought, but psychotic synthetics do! PS let's hope they get to Earth, and we get an alien/human terminator type scenaro, that would work!
Comment icon #6 Posted by XenoFish 4 years ago
The xenomorph doesn't need an origin story. That's just my opinion.

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