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Woman claims to have been abducted 50 times

By T.K. Randall
May 9, 2021 · Comment icon 104 comments

Smith's experiences go all the way back to her childhood. Image Credit: Pixabay / danielarealpeg
Paula Smith maintains that she has had several dozen close encounters with extraterrestrial visitors.
The 50-year-old, who hails from Bradford, England, claims that she had her first abduction experience when she was a little girl and has since been abducted by aliens more than 50 times.

"There's no warning and I can't sense anything is going to happen," she said. "It just happens."

"All I can do is carry on as normal, otherwise I'd go crazy."

Her experiences are typical of those who claim to have been abducted by aliens, with Smith being taken aboard some sort of technologically advanced spacecraft by grey entities with large eyes.
On several occasions, she has woken up afterwards with strange bruises and marks.

"The first time I saw a craft was 1982," she said. "I was in the woods and it was completely silent. The pathway became narrower and I could hear my heart thumping."

"I recall looking into the darkness whilst my eyes adjusted. I could see what looked like a boomerang shape with an extra arm on it. Each arm had a light at the end. I recall three of the lights, one was blue, the other green, but I can not recall the color of the other light."

She recalled trying to run, but found herself unable to do so.

"According to my family, I had been missing for four hours, but I have no recollection of what actually went on." she said. "Ever since, the experiences haven't stopped."

Source: The Mirror | Comments (104)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #95 Posted by psyche101 3 years ago
You haven't seen the three MIB documentaries by Will Smith? 
Comment icon #96 Posted by psyche101 3 years ago
Perhaps he / she is actually a bot. That would explain a lot.
Comment icon #97 Posted by astrobeing 3 years ago
Two sentences are all I can offer them these days.
Comment icon #98 Posted by Rlyeh 3 years ago
Really?  Ignorance is evidence of aliens? Think carefully about what "UFO" means.   You don't need the secret government to make you a complete idiot.  You've achieved that all by yourself.
Comment icon #99 Posted by ufoguy 3 years ago
And u are just in denial.. plain and simple...  
Comment icon #100 Posted by Rlyeh 3 years ago
You know what UFO means, stop making up crap.
Comment icon #101 Posted by ufoguy 3 years ago
If it’s unidentified , and I’m not talking about just it’s shape and size.... after analyzing speed and maneuverability and means of propulsion...and u compare them with the crafts that we is deemed truly a UFO....and  it has to be alien because we cannot built crafts that can maneuver as fast and swift like a fly and make a dead stop in the air without any visible means of propulsion ... The physics is just not there to explain them.
Comment icon #102 Posted by Rlyeh 3 years ago
What speed?   Ignorance is not evidence.   Stop making up crap.
Comment icon #103 Posted by Nuclear Wessel 3 years ago
Like that will stop him. 
Comment icon #104 Posted by Brandy333 3 years ago
Incredible story.  I haven't been abducted but I can identify with Paula Smith's story about up close and personal.   For those that truly don't believe, that's why you can't see them.    

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