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The UFO Phenomenon

US UFO report: 'we don't know what they are'

June 4, 2021 | Comment icon 294 comments

These objects are out there, but we still don't know exactly what they are. Image Credit: US Navy
Officials briefed on the US government's UFO report have revealed details of what we can expect to see.
Back at the end of last year, an obscure 'committee comment' attached to the intelligence authorization act required the secretary of defence and director of national intelligence to file a detailed report on what the US knows about the subject of UFOs with a particular emphasis on sightings of unidentified objects by US Navy pilots during exercises off the east coast.

While a public version of the report isn't due until later this month, officials who have been briefed on its contents have already revealed what they know.

According to the report, an analysis of 120 incidents involving UAPs (unidentified aerial phenomena) over the past decade has revealed that these were not cases of secretive United States military (or other agency) technologies that have been mistaken for UFOs.

The report also seems to conflict itself by claiming that there is no evidence that these objects are extraterrestrial in nature, yet concludes that, at things stand, they remain completely unexplained.

We may be able to find out a bit more once the public version of the report is released, but in the meantime it seems that at the very least, there is no denying that these objects are real and even government officials seem to have little clue as to what they actually are.
The fact of the matter however is that they must be coming from somewhere.

Could these objects be evidence of foreign powers operating technologically advanced vehicles ? If so, should the US government not be taking them more seriously ?

As for the claim that there is no evidence that they are extraterrestrial in nature - it would certainly be interesting to see on what basis such a conclusion was reached.

How do you even rule out such a possibility, especially if the objects are unexplained ?

The unclassified version of the report is expected to be released on June 25th.

Source: The Independent | Comments (294)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #285 Posted by ChrLzs 11 months ago
And here's Scientific American's take.† True Believers, don't click - you won't like it... In there you will find quotes from people with diverse views, such as Mick West (metabunk) and Avi Loeb: In other words, we need decent evidence. It will be 'fun' when the report is finally released on 25 June (?).
Comment icon #286 Posted by joc 11 months ago
I will acquiesce to you for actual things mathematical.† †I was actually horrible at math in high school.† I took Alg1, Alg2, and Geometry and never really got any of it.† Somehow in my mind I rationalized that I would be better at math than if I just took Related Math. I thought I was smart because I knew what Venn Diagrams were... But I digress... I do think however that we are probably closer in agreement with my basic philosophical equation that when we remove Fantasy from Reality...we are left with Reality...and that as long as we entertain fantasy thoughts in our minds as it relates to t... [More]
Comment icon #287 Posted by ChrLzs 11 months ago
We know what the possibilities are, it's the reality we are interested in.† Elizondo is part of the ridiculous "ToTheStars" money-making exercise that this is largely about.† He has no credentials in aeronautics or radar / photographic analysis.† In the past he has promised evidence†but all we got were those 3 videos, NONE of which show any odd maneuvers†despite the idiotic commentary. So, nothing but speculation and more campfire tales for the kids..††Got it.
Comment icon #288 Posted by joc 11 months ago
Possibilities are just fantasies until they are proven to be reality.† Thank you!
Comment icon #289 Posted by psyche101 11 months ago
Talk about strange alright. Vaz referenced a politician who comes from a family of blind believers who has spent plenty of time in court.† Actually, pressure makes the point variable. Freezing and boiling. On Mt Everest a pot of water will boil at about 98 degrees C but 100 at sea level.
Comment icon #290 Posted by Trelane 11 months ago
Good lord, they tried rolling out Symington again?
Comment icon #291 Posted by ChrLzs 11 months ago
A small correction - you need to turn that 9 upside down.. †† It boils at around 68įC at Everest-level.
Comment icon #292 Posted by Golden Duck 11 months ago
IIRC, that's how instant coffee was discovered.
Comment icon #293 Posted by ChrLzs 11 months ago
And here's a very nicely done opinion piece by Pewdiepie, the internet sensation hisself. He makes a few supposedly uneducated guesses, but in fact... NAILS IT...
Comment icon #294 Posted by Golden Duck 11 months ago
My reply to you was in jest. I found it amusing what could be derived from your initial formula.

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