Sunday, June 26, 2022
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Sending a message into space could attract hostile aliens

April 18, 2022 | Comment icon 65 comments

What if we attract the attention of a hostile alien race ? Image Credit: Henrique Alvim Correa
Plans to beam Earth's location out into space could have unintended consequences, an Oxford scientist has warned.
While there is certainly an argument to be made in favor of attempting to make contact with any intelligent alien civilizations who might be out there, it could also be argued that attracting such attention to ourselves might not be the wisest move in the long run.

Recently, a team of NASA scientists proposed sending out a new, updated version of the famous Arecibo message containing detailed information about the Earth, our understanding of physics and mathematics, the biochemical composition of life and even an invite to send a response.

According to Anders Sandberg, a senior research fellow at Oxford's Future of Humanity Institute (FHI), however, such a move would not be without some degree of risk.

Even though the probability of the message being picked up by aliens is extremely small, he argues, the consequences could be extreme should the recipient happen to be hostile.
On the topic in general, he maintains that too many people fail to take the matter of alien contact seriously, despite how important it could prove to be in the grand scheme of things.

Sandberg is certainly not alone in his views - the late Professor Stephen Hawking also warned about the dangers we could face if we happened to attract the attentions of a hostile alien race.

The true danger, perhaps, might be in assuming that intelligent aliens would be friendly.

If our own civilization here on Earth is anything to go by, it stands to reason that there could be hostile as well as peaceful aliens out there and we have no idea which of them is going to find us first.

Source: Lad Bible | Comments (65)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #56 Posted by razman 2 months ago
You know maybe we should all take a vote on this , since if something happens we are all affected.
Comment icon #57 Posted by Hyperionxvii 2 months ago
I neither believe in or don't believe in aliens, as in other life somewhere in the universe. Because that is currently unknowable by humans. All the evidence points to this. I beleive that the Fermi Paradox does not exist because it has already been solved. As you just alluded to, even if there are aliens, they are too far away for it to matter. I think there are a lot of people who for some reason do not comprehend the mind boggling distances we are talking about between star systems. And anyone who believes that there are UFOs and those are aliens who just came by on ther lunch hour to check... [More]
Comment icon #58 Posted by Hyperionxvii 2 months ago
I'll cast a vote for 'doesn't matter'. As long as they are spending their own money, they can try to contact aliens all they want. But we need some type of solid scientific evidence that there 'might be' something we detected that is coming from an intelligent source before we consider spending the public's money on it. Then I can take it seriously at least. 
Comment icon #59 Posted by razman 2 months ago
Well if NASA is funded by taxes , then we are paying for it.
Comment icon #60 Posted by astrobeing 2 months ago
You want to vote on everything in NASA's budget then be my guest. Here's next years budget proposal and it's only 990 pages long.
Comment icon #61 Posted by razman 2 months ago
Comment icon #62 Posted by razman 2 months ago
They could put that  out there  ^ ,  then all the meat eating aliens can come get their hot dogs.
Comment icon #63 Posted by badeskov 2 months ago
Yes we are. How else do you suggest NASA be funded? Cheers, Badeskov
Comment icon #64 Posted by Trelane 2 months ago
Bake sales and summertime lemonade stands?
Comment icon #65 Posted by badeskov 2 months ago
I need to plant a few more lemon trees in my garden, then.    Cheers, Badeskov

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