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US Army helicopter footage of 3 UAPs has been released

By T.K. Randall
May 30, 2022 · Comment icon 17 comments

The pilots were unable to explain the anomalous objects. Image Credit: YouTube / The Debrief
Genuine footage recorded by the pilots of a US Army helicopter shows three unidentified, fast-moving objects.
The sighting, which occurred on November 6th, 2018, was captured on camera by the pilots of a US Army AH-64 Apache attack helicopter during a training flight in Arizona.

The story comes courtesy of The Debrief which interviewed several individuals, including a former Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) agent, who confirmed that it isn't just US Navy pilots who have been encountering unidentified aerial phenomena over US airspace.

The three objects in the video, which can be viewed below, were moving at high speed in a roughly triangular formation while seemingly rotating around one another as they headed eastward.
The Debrief spoke to former US Air Force F-16 fighter pilot Chris Lehto who confirmed that the objects in the video were "without a doubt anomalous."

"The tracking rate is exceptionally fast," he said. "Even if they are only a mile away, I calculate they go approximately 1.28M. Well past the speed of sound."

"The circle-dance maneuver is just not possible."

"They do a full 360-degree turn in less than 3 seconds!"

Source: The Debrief | Comments (17)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #8 Posted by Zebra3 2 years ago
Yeah, it's a lot different seeing them with your own eyes.
Comment icon #9 Posted by moonman 2 years ago
I see three winking pixels that may or may not be moving. Not super impressive by any means.
Comment icon #10 Posted by pallidin 2 years ago
The DoD apparently considered it significant enough to log it as an official unknown aerial phenomena. Keep in mind that the true footage is a hundred times more detailed and comprehensive, but all of that is secret.
Comment icon #11 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
It's hard for me to get excited over little blinking dots in videos.
Comment icon #12 Posted by stereologist 2 years ago
I don't think that is correct - the part where you claim it is secret. It's released and no version of this video is secret.
Comment icon #13 Posted by pallidin 2 years ago
I'm referring to the technology. Sorry for any confusion.
Comment icon #14 Posted by stereologist 2 years ago
The tech on the helicopter? I suppose that is possible. My guess is that they saw something very far away such as a meteor or they saw something very close. Their interpretation was something at a mid distance such as a mile or 10 miles away. Since the distance is unknown it is hard to determine anything much about the light dots
Comment icon #15 Posted by Phantom309 2 years ago
Interesting stuff. As the gov't boys have finally admitted, there are indeed "objects" up there.
Comment icon #16 Posted by NCC1701 2 years ago
Those are probably birds. These have high heat signature in the thermal camera the pilot is wearing.
Comment icon #17 Posted by astrobeing 2 years ago
The most advanced imaging hardware available is on the end of gigantic telescopes.

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