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Pilots and troops saw '11,500mph craft' over Brazil

By T.K. Randall
June 24, 2022 · Comment icon 18 comments

Fighter jets were scrambled to investgate. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 3.0 Rob Schleiffert
A UFO incident that occurred over Brazil in 1986 is set to be presented at a UFO hearing at the Brazilian Senate.
A spate of UFO sightings dubbed 'Night of the UFOs' has been outlined this week ahead of a Brazilian Senate hearing into the UFO phenomenon.

Things kicked off on the evening of May 19, 1986 when Brazilian air force air traffic controller Sergeant Sergio Mota da Silva witnessed a light in the sky from the control tower of an airport near Sao Paulo.

"It doesn't go up or down, it doesn't go to the left or to the right, it's just standing there," he said.

He explained that it was not a plane, yet seemed to behave in an "intelligent" manner.

Then at around 8pm on the same night, some 2,000 cadets and officers at an air force training school witnessed mysterious lights in the sky in the same general area.

An hour later, an aircraft pilot reported multiple lights when landing at the same airport.
Two passenger planes in the area also reported witnessing the same phenomenon.

These potential incursions into Brazilian airspace were taken seriously enough for jets to be scrambled to intercept the objects, however the pilots had trouble locking on to them.

"Sometimes, the pilots had visual contact with the targets, but the radars did not register anything," said Mota. "Other times, the radars even picked up the presence of objects, but the pilots could not see them."

When one of the jet pilots attempted to close in on the target, the object suddenly accelerated away at a speed estimated to be around 15 times the speed of sound.

The pilot eventually lost contact with the object at around 30,000ft.

"If there is a plane that can develop that speed, I don't know of it," he said.

To this day, no explanation for the objects witnessed that night has ever been found.

Source: New York Post | Comments (18)

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #9 Posted by M 7 2 years ago
When you have an incident with that many witnesses it should be investigated. Now I know you know your stuff 13bat’s, you’re a good poster and I know you do your research so if you’re saying this has been previously proven to be to be something mundane then fair enough. However, if that’s the case then surely that’s the result of some sort of investigative work and that’s all I ask.
Comment icon #10 Posted by M 7 2 years ago
I take it you missed the part in the article about this happening in 1986?
Comment icon #11 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 2 years ago
It's aliens
Comment icon #12 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Thanx for tge k8nd words, I guess i get too jaded snide for my own good. If a case is decades old and still basically "unexplained" then it will likely stay that way. In some cases witness number can make a difference but its still doesnt mean it wasnt prosaic. Here is a great example, The Miracle of the Sun, also known as the Miracle of Fatima. Miracle of the Sun%2C also known as,said that they had seen extraordinary solar There certainly was as in i believe most cases that arent made up bull a stimulus but people all who see the ... [More]
Comment icon #13 Posted by Tatetopa 2 years ago
During my college years, I got to go to Palestine, Texas and watch launch of several of those things.  I had a professor with IR telescopes in the payload.  They are huge beasts and were the way in those pre-ISS days of putting instruments up above most atmosphere. 
Comment icon #14 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
That is super cool, i only have seen pictures and videos of them, From top of balloon to payload bottom how tall would you guess they were? On a silly note, At my old club after a party was a cheap blow up doll decoration, my partner in the club biz was drunk filled the doll with helium but it was still too heavy to float so 20 or 30 balloons later it floated and he released it. We watched it take about 20 mins to go up and out of sight  
Comment icon #15 Posted by Tatetopa 2 years ago
On the ground, they start out as a large teardrop shape and expand into a sphere as they rise into lower pressure of the upper atmosphere.  They are transparent but reflect sunlight and look silvery after launch. It takes a very large machine, bigger than a Cat 966 4 wheel loader to launch.  It cradles the payload and drives forward to keep the payload from skidding along the ground.  Standing on the ground and looking up, it looks like more than 100 feet tall when they release it, but less than 100 yards.  Sorry not a very accurate guess, but standing still and knowing my distance from th... [More]
Comment icon #16 Posted by the13bats 2 years ago
Im thinking some of the true believers that claim roswell could not have been a balloon with radar reflecters in a train of them really do not grasp the size of these things, Likely same with mantel, even hynek considered it a nothing case a tragic misidentification of a sky hook balloon.  
Comment icon #17 Posted by M 7 2 years ago
I’d agree, that a case as old and cold as this probably will remain unsolved, I’d also agree that just because there’s a lot of witnesses doesn’t necessarily make an incident more compelling. The link you posted does raise some interesting points, particularly the power of suggestion. I think it’s human nature to want to be part of something special so I think it can be quite easy to get dragged along in the excitement and convince yourself or have your memory of an event be corrupted by somebody else’s perception. That being said I still think incidents involving high numbers of w... [More]
Comment icon #18 Posted by Freez1 2 years ago
It’s all interesting to read or none of us would be here. Rather you believe in it or not is irrelevant at this stage. However you’re opinion is always important.  All we have is speculation on it. Witnesses and crappy photos and videos. Many of which could be fake and the ones that’s not fake could be drones from other nations spying I mean who knows. The idea of them being from not of this planet is about 1% in my opinion. Until either the government comes forward with the truth or one lands and introduces itself to the world. Until then this is all we got.

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