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Unexplained Mysteries top 10 most bizarre stories of 2022

By T.K. Randall
December 30, 2022 · Comment icon 0 comments

Yes, this is a snake walking around in a mech suit... Image Credit: YouTube / Allen Pan
Here we take a look back at the most outrageous, peculiar and downright bizarre stories from the last twelve months.
From the bored housewife who spent years faking Wikipedia entries to the 88-year-old man who walked into hospital with a tank shell stuck in his rectum, 2022 has delivered some genuinely bizarre news stories.

10. Legs optical illusion leaves people scratching their heads - A mind-bending optical illusion shows two people hugging one another - but which legs belong to which person ?

9. Man builds mech suit for a snake, takes it for a walk - YouTube inventor Allen Pan decided that 'God made a mistake' and decided to 'give snakes their legs back'.

8. An entire road has been stolen in Germany - A bizarre crime involving the theft of an entire street in Saxony, Germany has left authorities scratching their heads.

7. Escaped crocodile caused plane crash, killing 20 people - A fatal plane crash 12 years ago has since been blamed on a crocodile that got loose during a bungled smuggling attempt.

6. Bored housewife spends years faking Russian history on Wikipedia - An incredible hoax spanning hundreds of articles on the world's biggest online encyclopedia was recently exposed.
5. Bizarre MRI scan of unborn baby looks like Pickle Rick or Mr Bean - Reddit users were left amused and freaked out in equal measure recently by a weird MRI image of an unborn baby.

4. 'Cousin Itt' shows up in doorbell camera footage - A video clip recorded in a residential back yard shows a strange pint-sized creature covered in hair waddling around.

3. 88-year-old walks into hospital with WWI shell stuck in his rectum - A hospital in France was evacuated after a patient arrived with a rather unusual object stuck in his posterior.

2. Bizarre video of 'flying deer' goes viral - A video clip of a deer leaping so high in the air that it appears to be flying has emerged online this week.

1. Man eats ham sandwich, can't stop farting for 5 years - Tyrone Prades is taking legal action after a sandwich he ate 5 years ago left him with a never-ending bout of flatulence.

You can find more stories like this in our book - The Unexplained Mysteries Book of Weird News.

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