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The UFO Phenomenon

Red and white lights in the sky over Las Vegas spark UFO reports

By T.K. Randall
January 2, 2023 · Comment icon 31 comments

The lights could be seen through the clouds. Image Credit: TikTok / @hotheadbrett
Dozens of witnesses took to social media to post photographs and video clips of the unusual aerial phenomenon.
While it is certainly not unusual to see lights in the sky over Las Vegas, the phenomenon in the night sky over Sin City last month was seemingly something a little more unusual.

Consisting of red and white glowing lights shining through the clouds, the spectacle was enough to unnerve a lot of people on the ground and the mystery was soon all over social media.

Suffice to say the sightings were unlikely to be the result of extraterrestrial visitation, but, perhaps more intriguingly, they weren't necessarily down to any sort of conventional aircraft either.

According to the National Weather Service, the most probable culprit was a type of fascinating atmospheric phenomenon known as 'light pillars'.
"Long pillars of multicolored light streaking the sky seem like the perfect backdrop for impending alien invasion, but in reality, light pillars are a common effect that can be found all over the world," the agency wrote on its website.

"They do come from above - not extraterrestrials, but tiny crystals of ice hanging in the atmosphere. Ice is very thin, shaped like plates with hexagonal faces."

"When ice drifts down through the air, it falls close to horizontally."

"At the top and bottom are the faces with more area. Ice is very reflective, so when light hits those wider faces, it bounces around and reflects off more ice crystals."

@hotheadbrett UFO over Sapphire Las vegas. This is not a joke. #ufo #ufos #aliens #alien #lasvegas #sapphirelasvegas #sapphirelv702 ♬ original sound - HotHeadBrett

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #22 Posted by stereologist 1 year ago
I would disagree. Burden of proof is a way of stating that each poster has to support their own story.  Posters want to stand by a position without a thought to how they came to that notion. They want to believe it as fact until proven wrong. The onus is on the presenter to back  up their story. No one has to show a story wrong. It is not lazy asking someone to back up their story. Burden of proof is really "support your own story."
Comment icon #23 Posted by stereologist 1 year ago
The video shows a few light patches in the sky. The commentary on the video is someone making statements that are not shown in the video such as "red in the middle", "ufo", and so forth. There is no evidence of any connection between the lights or anything flying. The first step is to compare things to what is known and not to make up stories as you look at something. Here the person is going right to UFO when no UFO is seen.
Comment icon #24 Posted by stereologist 1 year ago
I don't believe the13bats made any "case closed" statement. What they and you both acknowledge is that there is very little to go on here. I also get a kick out of people jumping to the conclusion of UFO when there is nothing even showing anything in the sky other than light splotches.
Comment icon #25 Posted by stereologist 1 year ago
That's cool. Often people do make statements without supporting them, but if you ask posters like the13bats will say what's on their mind. Others will balk and demand you disprove their opinion. Interesting spoonerism you used.
Comment icon #26 Posted by Golden Duck 1 year ago
Occam's razor requires multiple theories that can make predictions. Ptolemy's model lasted so long because because it made better predictions than competing models. The Copernicus model eventually did the same but simpler. OR cant be applied to the ET debate.  What predictions can the ETH make?
Comment icon #27 Posted by pellinore 1 year ago
Airline pilots have been reporting an increase in UFO lights. I don't think they fall into the category of gullible hillbilly types:Light show between 40 and 30 West - PPRuNe Forums And I am not sure earthquake lights have been adequately explained:Earthquake lights, explained | National Geographic
Comment icon #28 Posted by Nicolette 1 year ago
I don't think calling it unidentified is all that much of a jump... People are just very conclusive here and seem to believe "demanding proof" that thier random musings are wrong is a reasonable way to conversate. They seem to be missing the fact that this is an internet forum and the only "proof" they could possibly demonstrate are websites. Which really means nothing but seem to tickle the "skeptics" who already determined thier responses in the 50s.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Nicolette 1 year ago
That smear campaign has gone on way too long. When I first grappled the biggest experience I had with whoever they are I learned from this site to talk openly about what I remembered. This is when I discovered the shear amount of people of all walks of life that would casually mention thier experiences when they felt safe. And I noticed the volume of similar stories online with details that sometimes described things you would have had to see to comprehend but which sounded familiar. Some of us were here to convince ourselves it was ok to talk about, not convince strangers to believe us. To be... [More]
Comment icon #30 Posted by stereologist 1 year ago
Yawn, that is false. Websites are not the only form of evidence available. Research is also available. You should learn that research extends outside of the internet. There is no evidence it was a UFO as stated. That would be something flying. There is no evidence of anything but light splotches on clouds.
Comment icon #31 Posted by bmk1245 1 year ago
Kinda, satellites are the culprit, example from Brazil, explained by Mick West On the OP subject, UFO lights superimposed with the map  

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