Sunday, February 5, 2023
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The UFO Phenomenon

Pentagon can't explain half of 2022's UFO cases, new file shows

By T.K. Randall
January 14, 2023 · Comment icon 37 comments

The Pentagon has been investigating multiple UFO cases. Image Credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 Touch Of Light
A recently released document has revealed how many of last year's UFO cases remain unexplained.
The newly declassified 11-page report, which was filed by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence (ODNI), details a total of 566 sightings of UFOs (or UAPs).

Of these, 366 were added in 2022, of which 195 have been classed as explained while the other 171 remain "uncharacterized and unattributed", mainly due to a lack of available data.

The Pentagon has been a lot more open about its investigations into the phenomena in recent months and this report shows that it is still very much committed to continuing this trend.

Most of the 195 explained reports from last year turned out to be mundane things, including 163 that were determined to be "balloons or balloon-like entities" and 26 which turned out to be drones.
Some of them were little more than birds or plastic bags being blown by the wind.

The 171 unexplained cases, meanwhile, are far more interesting, with several of them still under investigation and each typically involving an object or objects moving in unconventional ways.

The majority of the reports appear to have been submitted by military personnel.

The document does not, however, suggest that any of the objects are extraterrestrial in nature.

Source: Live Science | Comments (37)

Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #28 Posted by astrobeing 19 days ago
OK, what about flying monkeys? They can fly.
Comment icon #29 Posted by Dejarma 19 days ago
brain farts
Comment icon #30 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 19 days ago
Didn't have you pegged as a Wizard of Oz fan but whatever floats your boat. 
Comment icon #31 Posted by astrobeing 18 days ago
You didn't know that flying monkeys are real? You find out they're real soon enough assuming the Pentagon doesn't cover up what they discover.
Comment icon #32 Posted by OpenMindedSceptic 17 days ago
Most days, you do my job for me. Too easy.
Comment icon #33 Posted by Trelane 17 days ago
Pegasus can fly too! I've seen it!!! Don't tell me what I've seen or not. I KNOW WHAT I'VE SEEN!!!!!   Oh I'm sure all these skeptics are going to tell me unicorns aren't real too.
Comment icon #34 Posted by Golden Duck 17 days ago
Probably something on Earth.
Comment icon #35 Posted by ChrLzs 17 days ago
What a non-story..  First up, at least they correctly define UFO as simply an UNIDENTIFIED flying object.  It don't mean 'alienz'. Second, there always will be a portion of unidentified objects detected or spotted..  Think about it, people - every detection system, ranging from a human eye to a sophisticated weapon system through to a high powered telescope - EVERY SINGLE ONE has a range, outside which they can't even detect the object. Duh.  And then there will always be some objects that are just within range, but which obviously may not be identifiable, as they are just a single unresolved ... [More]
Comment icon #36 Posted by astrobeing 17 days ago
Like when you said the possibility of angels in UFO reports could not be rejected.
Comment icon #37 Posted by ChrLzs 17 days ago
??? Who is 'they'?  May I suggest you join your nearest astronomy club, and then go visit some amateur astronomers and see what they do.  Then come on back and tell us your theories again.  Are 'they' paying the astronomers to keep quiet?  In every country of the world?  You should probably get out more - look for your front door handle, as a start.. 

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