Wednesday, December 6, 2023
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UFO expert posts up AI-enhanced image of object spotted over Juarez

By T.K. Randall
January 22, 2023 · Comment icon 14 comments

The UFO might not be quite what it seems... Image Credit: Twitter / Jaime Maussan
Jaime Maussan used artificial intelligence software to enhance the original image of a 'round, domed ship'.
The original image, which was taken by a football fan who had been at a match at the Estadio Olimpico Benito Juarez stadium in Mexico, shows what appears to be a disc-shaped object hovering in the sky while silhouetted against a rather spectacular sunset.

It wasn't until the photograph was sent along to Jaime Maussan - a well known (and somewhat controversial) personality in the country's UFO scene - that it began to gain attention on social media.

What made it stand out in particular was Maussan's use of AI image software to produce an enhanced, zoomed in picture of the actual object.

"I want to share with you that the case was analyzed with AI technology and everything indicates that we are looking at a [UAP]," he wrote. "I believe it is a ship of non-human origin."
While the resulting image certainly looks impressive, the problem with it is that the AI software has altered the object so much that it barely represents what was in the original photograph.

In reality, the object might not have looked anything like this at all.

As for what the original image shows - the jury is still out on that one.

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Recent comments on this story
Comment icon #5 Posted by Piney 11 months ago
@ChrLzs. .......
Comment icon #6 Posted by Gumball 11 months ago
See it has made it look like an oil painting which really doesn't help his case.
Comment icon #7 Posted by ChrLzs 11 months ago
Oh, dearie, dearie me...  Where to begin?  First, I think I'll vomit...  Second, you probably should Google Jaime Maussan.  He is a UFO=alienz promoter, his background is NOT in any sort of digital image enhancement or genuine scientific analysis..  and to be more than polite, his utterances on the topic in the past have been somewhere between blatant misinformation and unscientific claptrap. But that all being said, we must always assume the best, even if initial appearances are to the contrary.  And they are... Please note that I'm busy at the moment, so this rebuttal analysis is goi... [More]
Comment icon #8 Posted by OverSword 11 months ago
Photo enhancing AI? Sounds like meh. Why would you need AI to use photoshop? That said it’s a pretty cool photo even without enhancing especially if the object was not added after it was taken. Would love to see the original before it was shrunk to twitter size limits. Doubt that will happen. 
Comment icon #9 Posted by ChrLzs 11 months ago
Now to justify those first three points above... For note 1. - I just measured the pixels, so that is 100% correct and verified. For note 2. - here's the edge effect - if you look at where there is edge contrast, eg a dark area abuts a light area, you will find that a couple of pixels width on the dark side has been artificially darkened and a couple of pixels width on the light side has been lightened.  The effect is quite noticeable where I've put the arrows: This is a very common way to sharpen an image, although it has been done *very* poorly here.  All of that 'tinkering' is FALSE deta... [More]
Comment icon #10 Posted by the13bats 11 months ago
He is a complete and total charlatan and i wonder if he is facing legal repercussion from his desecration of human remains and burial sites with that alien mummy BS he was pushing. If not he should be.
Comment icon #11 Posted by Fauxhammmer 11 months ago
Once I read “Jaime Maussan” in any article, I’m out! It’s equal to reading Ed and Lorraine Warren in a paranormal article!
Comment icon #12 Posted by ItwasAliens 11 months ago
Could this drop of water on someone’s windshield be of non-human origin? Some ancient astronaut theorist somewhere is saying a profound yes.
Comment icon #13 Posted by the13bats 11 months ago
You way nailed that one! Did you hear the story where the warrens were on some talk show with joe nickells who ask ed for proof ed threatened joe with bodily harm. Best i got on jaime is he paid 10k for a monkey skeleton because he thought it had to be an alien.
Comment icon #14 Posted by ChrLzs 11 months ago
I have a few moments, so let's delve a little deeper into specifics, and see whether Jaime Maussan's AI is artificially intelligent, or artificially idiotic. Here's what Jaime ended up with, and then the actual data at right: A few comments... (I can't help thinking one eyed shark..)  Sorry, I'll be serious now.. Look at the little cloud above - that VERY strongly looks like Photoshop's EMBOSS tool.  The emboss tool is an additive tool that adds false detail in order to get a 3D effect.  Jaime wanted a 3D effect and sorta got one (that's NOT how you do image analysis). Maussan used his AI (... [More]

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