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World of the Bizarre

Man who lived for over 70 years inside an iron lung has died, aged 78

 VIDEO  3-13-2024 | 9

Paul Alexander was forced to live almost his entire life inside the metal capsule after contracting polio as a young child.

Modern Mysteries

7-year-old fashion designer claims to be reincarnation of Gucci

 VIDEO  5-22-2023 | 6

Max Alexander started designing dresses when he was just 4 and believes that he is the reincarnation of Guccio Gucci.

Science & Technology

Amazon Alexa will be able to mimic the voice of a dead relative

6-23-2022 | 8

An upcoming feature to Amazon's popular voice assistant is straight out of an episode of 'Black Mirror'.

World of the Bizarre

Parrot orders shopping using Amazon Alexa

 VIDEO  12-18-2018 | 15

A parrot named Rocco has been driving his owner up the wall by ordering items using Amazon's voice assistant.

Archaeology & History

Giant Egyptian sarcophagus has been opened

7-20-2018 | 167

The contents of a mysterious giant-sized coffin discovered in Alexandria have finally been revealed.

Archaeology & History

Mystery surrounds giant Egyptian sarcophagus

7-13-2018 | 167

The huge black granite sarcophagus was unearthed in Alexandria and nobody yet knows what's inside it.

Science & Technology

Amazon Echo users plagued by creepy laugh

3-8-2018 | 19

The voice-activated home assistant has reportedly been laughing out of the blue for no apparent reason.

Archaeology & History

Greek tomb remains a mystery one year on

8-26-2015 | 10

Efforts to uncover the secrets of the tomb linked to Alexander the Great in Greece have come to a halt.

Science & Technology

Real-life hoverboard breaks distance record

 VIDEO  5-24-2015 | 14

Canadian inventor Catalin Alexandru Duru has proven that hoverboards really do work on water.

Archaeology & History

Egypt to rebuild the Lighthouse of Alexandria

5-8-2015 | 26

One of the seven wonders of the ancient world is to be completely rebuilt near to its original location.

Archaeology & History

Five burials found within mystery Greek tomb

1-20-2015 | 4

Archaeologists have unearthed the remains of five individuals at the Alexander-era tomb in Amphipolis.

Space & Astronomy

Astronaut releases Earth timelapse video

 VIDEO  12-28-2014 | 8

Alexander Gerst has created a breathtaking visual record of our planet as seen from space.

Archaeology & History

Bones found within ancient Greek tomb

11-14-2014 | 123

Archaeologists excavating the ancient tomb near Amphipolis have discovered the remains of a skeleton.

Archaeology & History

Sphinx head found in mystery Greek tomb

10-25-2014 | 8

Archaeologists have uncovered a number of artefacts during excavations of the enigmatic burial site.

Archaeology & History

Huge tomb entrance discovered in Greece

8-18-2014 | 123

The find, which is being hailed as 'extremely important', could be connected to Alexander the Great.

World of the Bizarre

World's oldest man has died aged 111

 VIDEO  6-11-2014 | 28

Chemist and psychic researcher Alexander Imich passed away at a seniors' residence in Manhattan.

Archaeology & History

Did poisoned wine kill Alexander the Great ?

1-13-2014 | 4

Mystery has long surrounded the strange and protracted death of one of history's greatest leaders.

Science & Technology

Alexander Graham Bell recording identified

 VIDEO  4-26-2013 | 7

A 128-year-old recording made by the inventor of the telephone has been uncovered by researchers.

Science & Technology

Sound pulled from 125-year-old recordings

1-2-2012 | 7

Scientists have been able to retrieve sound from recordings made in Alexander Graham Bell's lab.

Science & Technology

Scientsts calculate pi to 10 trillion digits

10-28-2011 | 16

Alexander Yee and Shigeru Kondo managed to break their previous record of 5 trillion digits.

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