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'Extraterrestrial highway' sign is taken down

9-16-2019 | 37

A world-famous sign situated near the secretive Area 51 facility has been taken down by local authorities.


YouTubers arrested for trespassing at Area 51

9-12-2019 | 27

Two Dutch Youtubers have been arrested by police during an ill-fated attempt to reach the secretive base.

World of the Bizarre

'Storm Area 51' founder cancels festival

9-11-2019 | 11

The 'Alienstock' festival set to take place in Nevada next week has been canceled after its founder pulled out.


'Storm Area 51' has now become 'Alienstock'

8-15-2019 | 9

A plan to send thousands of people through the gates of Area 51 seems to have turned into a music festival.


Area 51 lured employees with leisure facilities

8-12-2019 | 5

Declassified CIA files detail how the US Air Force tackled staff retention issues at the notoriously secretive base.

World of the Bizarre

'Storm Area 51' spawns copycat campaigns

7-19-2019 | 130

Inspired by the recent social media phenomenon, other people have started setting up their own 'storm' events.


Creator of 'Storm Area 51' comes forward

 VIDEO  7-18-2019 | 130

The Facebook user who started the campaign to storm the secretive military base has finally spoken out.


US military warns against 'Storm Area 51' stunt

7-15-2019 | 130

1 million social media users who have pledged to storm the secretive base have been warned against doing so.


185,000 truth seekers pledge to storm Area 51

7-9-2019 | 130

A large number of social media users have reportedly committed to rushing in to the facility at the same time.


New footage offers clear views of Area 51

 VIDEO  6-16-2019 | 10

A hiker recently captured some intriguing video footage of the base from the top of the adjacent Tikaboo Peak.

Modern Mysteries

What is this strange structure near Area 51 ?

5-29-2019 | 24

A peculiar construction north of the infamous base has been leaving conspiracy theorists scratching their heads.


Russian spy plane checks out secret US bases

4-4-2019 | 14

A Russian spy plane recently flew over Area 51 in Nevada with full permission from the US government.

The UFO Phenomenon

New documentary details the story of Bob Lazar

 VIDEO  12-5-2018 | 242

The man who allegedly reverse-engineered UFOs is the subject of a new documentary about his time at Area 51.


Mystery surrounds tanker flight over Area 51

11-12-2018 | 13

A Boeing NKC-135R was tracked flying over the secretive facility multiple times back on September 20th.

The UFO Phenomenon

UFO investigators capture images of Area 51

 VIDEO  9-5-2017 | 17

A new video has been released with never-before-seen footage and pictures of the secretive US base.


Google takes photos of secret base 'Area 6'

3-9-2016 | 31

Move over Area 51 - the United States now has another, even more secretive base in the Nevada desert.

The UFO Phenomenon

Clinton vows to investigate UFOs and Area 51

1-4-2016 | 98

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has promised to disclose information about UFOs if she is elected.

The UFO Phenomenon

Former CIA employees talk about Area 51

10-17-2015 | 26

A panel of former government officials spoke about the subject at the Atomic Testing Museum this month.


'No aliens in Area 51' says NASA head

6-19-2015 | 122

Charles Bolden made the light-hearted remarks after being questioned by a ten-year-old on Sky News.


Researcher claims discovery of alien photos

11-17-2014 | 166

UFO investigator Tom Carey claims to have come in to possession of pictures of an alien entity from 1947.

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